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Range: 35
Section: C
Shelf: 6
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Pages: 133


James Young Sr and Mat Williams purchased 53 acres of land near Simpson's Mill from Dr. H. P. Smith. Before Smith could execute a deed to Young and Williams, both died. Smith then executed a deed to James Young, Jr. as an agent of Young Sr. and Williams. Young Jr was then to execute deeds to the appropriate parties. He and wife Rutha Young executed a deed to Sarah Williams for her part of the land. After the death of Mat Williams on 9 May 1873, Sarah married Solomon Harrison. They paid the taxes on the land until Sarah died 24 Apr 1885. In her Last Will and Testament, Sarah left her land to her husband Solomon Harrison. After Sarah's death, Mat William's siblings, George W. Williams, Julia Kerr, Jane Stamps, and Rachel Henry, sued Solomon Harrison for possession of the land. They contended that they were Mat Williams legal heirs since he had no children.


Williams, Kerr, Stamps, Henry, Harrison, Young, Tabor


White County, Tennessee


  • Mat Williams died in White County, TN intestate in 22 Sep 1872.
  • Sarah Williams was the widow of Mat Williams.
  • Mat and Sarah Williams had no children.
  • Sarah Williams married Sol Harrison after the death of Mat Williams.
  • Sarah Williams Harrison died 24 Apr 1885 in White County, TN.
  • Sol and Sarah Harrison had no children.
  • Julia Kerr, Rachel Henry, and George W. Williams are the siblings of Mat Williams.
  • William "Bill" Williams was a brother of Mat Williams. William Williams died of sickness during the Civil War.
  • Martha Tabor is the only child of William Williams.
  • Julia Kerr is the wife of Lafayette Kerr.
  • Rachel Henry is the wife of George Henry.
  • Jane Stamps is the wife of James Stamps.
  • Martha Tabor is the wife of James Tabor.
  • George Williams is a citizen of Alabama.
  • Lafayette and Julia Kerr are citizens of White County, TN.
  • James and Jane Stamps and George and Rachel Henry are citizens of Putnam County, TN.
  • Rachel Henry, Julia Kerr, Jane Stamps, and Martha Tabor were all married women at the time of Mat Williams death on 9 May 1873.
  • Martha Tabor married before she was 21 years old.
  • George Henry and wife have been married more than 25 years [Date: 28 May 1889]
  • Stamps and wife married since the war - about 7 or 8 years after the war.
  • Mrs. Stamps married since the death of Mat Williams.
  • Martha Tabor was a minor when she married. Her mother talked of suing her husband for marrying her.
  • Martha Tabor lives in and married inCumberland County. She married before Sarah Harrison died on 24 April 1885.
  • Mrs. Stamps lives and married in Putnam County.
  • It is not certain if Mrs. Stamps and Mrs. Tabor were married before the death of Mat Williams on 9 May 1873.


  • Sarah Williams Harrison was a sister to James "Tage" Young.
  • James Young, Sr. is the father of James Young, Jr. (alias Tage Young) He died prior to this suit.
  • William Young, Squire Young, and Mary Young are the siblings of Sarah Williams Harrison.
  • Eva Bishop, Emily Tremble, and Nancy Worley are the children of an unnamed deceased brother of Sarah Williams Harrison.
  • Eva Bishop is the wife of ___ Bishop.
  • Emily Tremble is the wife of ___ Tremble.
  • Nancy Worley is the wife of Milton Worley.
  • The Bishops, Trembles and Worleys lived in Kansas.


  • Will of Sarah Harrison.
  • Deed from James and Rutha Young to Sarah Williams.
  • Deed from Soloman and Sarah Harrison to Pinkney Rineheart.
  • Tax records for Sarah Williams Harrison for years 1876-1885.
  • Tax records for Sol Harrison for years 1887-1889.


  • 22 Sep 1872: Mat William died in White County, TN.
  • 09 May 1873: Deed from James and Rutha Young to Sarah Williams. Registered in the County Clerk's officer.
  • 09 Apr 1879: Sarah Harrison wrote her Last Will and Testament
  • 10 Apr 1879: Deed from Solomon and Sarah Harrison to Pinkney Rineheart.
  • 18 Aug 1884: Deed from Harrison to Rineheart is filed with the County Clerk.
  • 19 Aug 1884: Sarah Harrison is examined by W. P. Webb, Esqr to see if she agrees to the sale.
  • 24 Apr 1885: Sarah Harrison died in White County, TN.
  • 04 May 1885: Sarah Harrison's Will was proven in open court.
  • 15 May 1885: Bill of Complain of Lafayette Kerr et al vs Sol Harrison et al filed at the Chancery Court in White County, TN. George W. Williams and Lafayette Kerr post bond.
  • 28 May 1885: Supoena issued for Harrison and Rineheart to respond to the bill.
  • 01 Jun 1885: Supoena delivered to Harrison by Sheriff T. L. Lewis.
  • 27 Jul 1885: Supoena delivered to Rineheart by Sheriff T. L. Lewis.
  • 09 Nov 1885: The Cause came to be heard at the 5th Chancery Court in the town of Sparta, TN.
  • 10 Nov 1885: Response to the Bill of Complaint filed.
  • 20 Nov 1885: The answer of Solomon Harrison was filed with Exhibits.
  • 01 May 1886: The answer of Pinkney Rineheart filed with Exhibits.
  • 22 Sep 1886: W. W. Wade, Chancellor of the 5th Chancery Divison was ill. Therefore, Governor W. B. Bate assigned T. W. Wade of DeKalb County to fill the office of Special Chancellor for 30 days.
  • 27 Sep 1886: L. S. Kerr asks for a continuance to be able to get the affadavit of H. Smith who is sick.
  • 28 Mar 1887: The Cause is continued to the term of the next court.
  • 21 Nov 1887: The Cause is continued to the term of the next court.
  • 23 Nov 1887: An amended Bill is filed by order of the Court. L. S. Kerr submits bond. The amended bill is styled as "The amended Bill of Complain of Julia Kerr, Racheal Henry, Jane Stamps and Martha Tabor by their next friend George W. Williams against Solomon Harrison, Susannah Hussly of White County, Tennessee, John Young same residence, Polly Phelps and husband Robt Phelps of same residence & Wm Young Jr of KY, Eva Bishop and husband __ Bishop of Kansas, Emily Tremble and husband __ Tremble of Kansas, Nancy Worley and husband Milton Worley of same residence and Wm Young Sen or White Co Tenn and Squire Young of same residence and Mary Young of same residence & Tage Young of same residence aslo Henry L. Kerr, James Stamps & ___ Table.
  • 12 Dec 1887: Julia Kerr, Jane Stamps, Martha Tabor, Rachel Henry by G. W. Williams next friend and L. S. Kerr post bond.
  • 01 Feb 1888: Governor Robt. L. Taylor replaced Chancellor W. W. Wade, who was ill, with T. W. Wade.
  • 06 Feb 1888: Affidavits of the Defendants are filed.
  • 26 Mar 1888: The Chancellor of the court failed to arrive. Court is continued the next day.
  • 28 Mar 1888: Julia Kerr, Jane Stamps, Martha Tabor, Rachel Henry by G. W. Williams next friend post bond.
  • 24 Sep 1888: Governor Robt. L. Taylor replaced W. W. Wade, who was ill, with T. W. Wade.
  • 04 Feb 1889: William Young, Jr., Eva Bishop and husband, Emily Tremble and husband, Nancy Worley and husband are added to the lawsuit. Since they did not live in Tennessee, the Court posts a notice in the Sparta Expositor.
  • 09 Feb 1889: Deposition of William Anderson taken.
  • 28 Feb 1889: Deposition of Woodson P. Mitchell is taken.
  • 04 Mar 1889: William Young, Esquire Young and Mary Young added to the lawsuit.
  • 20 Mar 1889: Governor Robt L. Taylor replace W. W. Wade, who was ill, with Chancellor C. Marchbanks.
  • 27 Mar 1889: Pinkney Rineheart was dismissed from the Amended Bill but remains a defendant in the Original Bill.
  • 28 May 1889: Deposition of Lafayette Kerr was taken.
  • 16-17 Jul 1889: Deposition of James Young alias Tage Young taken.
  • 25 Jul 1889: Solomon Harrison, Esqr Young, William Young and Mary Young respond to the amended Bill of Complaint.
  • Solomon and Sarah Harrison built a heron log house 14 x 16 feet and 8-9 feet high. He bought brick and put a chimney to it.


  • James Young alias Tage Young
  • Sol Harrison
  • William Anderson
  • Lafayette Kerr
  • Woodson Mitchell


  • George W. Williams
  • Lafayette S. Kerr
  • A. Fisk, Securities for George Williams and Lafayette Kerr
  • S. E. Cunningham, Securities for George Williams and Lafayette Kerr
  • Solomon Harrison aka Sol Harrison
  • Pinkney Rineheart
  • W. G. Crowley, Chancellor at the Chancery Court at Sparta, TN
  • Mat Williams
  • Sarah William
  • Martha Tabor
  • James Tabor
  • James Young
  • Rutha Young
  • A. Fisk & S. E. Cunningham, Attorneys for Kerr, Henry, Tabor and Williams
  • A. E. Rhea, Clerk & Master of White County, TN
  • Snodgrass, Jarvis & Hill Attorneys for Harrison and Rineheart
  • William Young, Jr.
  • Eva Bishop
  • ___ Bishop
  • Emily Tremble
  • ___ Tremble
  • Nancy Worley
  • Milton Worley
  • W. J. Farris, Attorney for Complainants
  • D. G. Brown, Clerk & Master
  • William Young
  • Esquire Young
  • Mary Young
  • E Jones, witness to Soloman Harrison's mark
  • W. F. O'Connor, Executor of Sarah Harrison's Will
  • A. J. Alverson, Witness to Sarah Harrison's Will
  • Lodiwick Randal - named in deed
  • John Stewart - named in deed
  • D. R. Richards - named in deed
  • Morgan - named in deed
  • Widow Mitchell - named in deed
  • Hallon Gist - named in deed
  • F. M. Sims, Clerk
  • William Halton - Register of Deeds
  • L. D. Hill, witness to Pinkney Rineheart's mark
  • Gardner Green, Clerk of County Court
  • W. P. Webb, Esqr - Examiner of Sarah Harrison for the deed conveyance
  • W. G. Sims, Register of Deeds
  • Dr. H. P. Smith
  • Wm. B. Bate, Governor of TN
  • John Allison, Secretary of State
  • Susannah Hussley
  • John Young
  • Polly Phelps
  • Robt Phelps
  • Wm Young, Jr of KY
  • Robt. L. Taylor, Governor of TN
  • William Anderson
  • Woodson Mitchell


  • Sheriff T. L. Lewis
  • Clerk & Master A. E. Rhea
  • Sol Harrison
  • Rineheart
  • L. S. Kerr
  • Jas Young
  • Sol. Harrison
  • Wm. Anderson
  • Lafayett Kerr
  • Woodson Mitchell