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Section: D
Shelf: 3
Box: 287
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Dudley Hunter bought two small tracts of land from Thomas Robinson on 1 February 1842. Robinson took Hunter onto the lands prior to the purchase to show him the lands. After the deed was made, Hunter found out that Robinson did not own the lands in question. The lands are worth $10/acre.There are 23 acres and 4 poles of land in question. There is no one who own a superior title to the lands. The lands are now lost to him. The last tract of land was adjacent to Dudley Hunter's land.

Thomas Robinson response: He sold 20 acres of land to Hunter on 1 February 1842 and executed to him a deed with some hillside land lying on each side of the tract in the deed. Sometime prior to purchase, Hunter proposed to Robinson to purchase 2 acres of bottom land for the price of $20/acre. The land sale went through. After which, Hunter told Robinson that now he must let him have the two hillsides and that if he did not some day some one will make him (Hunter) Pay a high price for it.


Hunter, Robinson/Robertson


Putnam County, Tennessee


  • James Robinson, age 30, is the son of Thomas Robinson. James states that Thomas is an old man.
  • The father of Thomas Robinson is mentioned but never named.


  • 27 Nov 1841: Thomas Robertson/Robinson deeds land to Dudley Hunter.
  • 01 Feb 1842: Thomas Robinson convey 2 tracts of land to Dudley Hunter.
  • 29 Dec 1842: Braxton D. Hunter and Joseph Hunter verified the deed.
  • 13 Jan 1843: Deed was registered in PC Deed Book A, Page 3.
  • 10 Sep 1856: A survey of the land was done for Dudley Hunter.24 Sep 1856: Chancery Court at Sparta - A decree was announced in the case of John G. Bunnon against North American Coal Transportation to sell certain lands mentioned in pleadings.
  • 24 Dec 1856: William E. Nelson, Clerk of White County sold said lands to John G. Bummon.
  • 04 Mar 1857: Dudley Hunter and S. N. Colms executes a bond of $500 to Thomas Robinson.
  • 24 Mar 1857: John G. Bummon made a deed to Dudley Hunter.
  • 10 Aug 1857: Thomas Robinson gives his sworn deposition.
  • 07 Feb 1859: The Case was heard before the Chancery Court at the Putnam County Court House.
  • 09 Feb 1859: Dudley Hunter & William J. Reagan acknowledge a bond of $500 to Thomas Robinson.
  • 13 Dec 1859: The case is heard by the TN Supreme Court.


  • William Hudgens, age 45
  • Isaac Buck, age about 58
  • James Robinson, age 30
  • Isaac Clark, age 41
  • James Kinnaird, age 44
  • B. D. Hunter, age 47
  • Thomas T. Watson, (no age listed)


  • Exhibit A: (This transcription is completely marked out) Deed from Thomas Robertson to Dudley Hunter. 20 acres on the fork of Dry Valley for the sum of $300 to me in hand paid. Lands is totally? Inside of the lines marked Robertson & Hunter ... Date: 27 Nov 1841. Attest: John Bohannon. Includes a survey dated 10 Sep 1856.
  • Exhibit A to the Bill: Thomas Robinson of White County, District 11 sells to Dudley Hunter ... for the consideration of the sum of $300 to me paid ... by estimation 20 acres ... It being part of the survey that I the said Thomas Robinson now lives on ... West boundary line of Dudley Hunter ... Date: 1 Feb 1842. Attest: Braxton Hunter, Thomas Welch, Joseph Hunter. Recorded: 27 Dec 1842. J. L. B.  Graham, Register of Putnam County. Recorded by Deputy W. N. Carr. [This deed is recorded in Putnam County Deed Book A, Page 3.]
  • Exhibit A to Watson's Depo: ... Thomas Robinson ... sold to Dudley Hunter a certain quantity of land containing 20 acres in the rite (sic) hand fork of the Dry Valley for the sum of $300 to me in hand paid. The land is to by inside the lines marked by said Robertson & Hunter. [Note: the name inside the deed is definitely ROBERTSON, but Thomas signs his name ROBINSON.] Date: 27 Nov 1841. Attest: John Bohannon.
  • Exhibit B to Watson's Depo: Thomas Robinson to James Robinson } This indenture made the 30th day of April 1846 ... For in consideration of $300 to him in hand paid ... Lying situate & being in White County in the Dry Valley. Beginning at a sugar tree in the western boundary line of William Pryors land ... In boundary of Dudley Hunter ... west with William Hudgins line ... To include the well & all the buildings in said boundary containing 93 acres, it begin a part of the tract of land that the said Thomas Robinson now lives on ... Attest: William Bartlett, John Clark. Recorded Date: 8 Jan 1847 - Bartlett & Clark verify the deed. William Little, Clerk of White County. Samuel Clark, Registrar of White County. [This deed is recorded in White County Deed Book O, Pages 313-314.]
  • Exhibit C to Hudgens Depo: State of TN - No. 2648.  ... By virtue of entry no 2761 made in the office of the entry taker of White County & entered on the 16 Day of August 1836 ... Unto Thomas Eastland assignee of William Hunter ... 2000 acres by survey bearing the date the 12th day of August 1838 situated in the County of White on the dividing waters of the Falling Water & Calf Killer. ... South west corner of an entry No 2960 in the name of Edward Gibbons and the nort west corner of a connection of 69 grants issued to Edward Norris by the state of North Carolina ... Date: 21 Dec 1838. John T. Noss, Registrar of Mountain District.


  • Hon. S. M. Fite, Chancellor Presiding
  • Dudley Hunter
  • Colms, Solicitor for Hunter
  • Thomas Robinson
  • Denton & Washburn, Solictors for Robinson
  • Nicholas Oldham, Clerk for White County
  • John Bohannon
  • Braxton Hunter
  • Thomas Welch
  • Joseph Hunter
  • William Little, Clerk for White County
  • J. L. B. Graham, Registrar of Putnam County
  • W. N. Carr, Deputy
  • William Pryor


  • H. H. Dillard - copyist for Putnam
  • J. D. Hyder
  • W. F. Williams
  • J. H. Moore
  • John Bohannon
  • Jesse B. Clark