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Division: Middle Tennessee
Range: 37
Section: B
Shelf: 2
Box Number: 1139
Pages: 72


Rachel Buck is the widow of Isaac Buck who died 7 Sep 1873, and Jonathan Buck is his son. Rachel contends that before his death Isaac Buck gave Jonathan about $500 in gold and silver to hold for Rachel and to prevent Isaac's other children from robbing her. Jonathan was supposed to purchase a farm for $200 for her and give her the rest of the money.

Jonathan Buck stated that his father Isaac Buck gave him $363.90 which he gave to J. M.  Douglass to take to Nashville and exchange for greenbacks. Some of the money was to pay for a lawsuit over the Washington Academy that was currently being argued at the TN Supreme Court.


Buck, Ramsey


  • Rachel Buck is the widow of Isaac Buck who died on 7 Sep 1873.
  • Jonathan Buck is the son of Isaac Buck.
  • Isaac Buck had cancer of the face. He was sick a good while before he died.
  • Austin Ramsey is a brother of Rachel Buck.
  • I. N. Buck is the son of Isaac Buck.


  • Receipt from the National Savings Company


  • __ Aug 1873: Isaac Buck, being in his last illness, had $500 in gold and silver coin. He directed Jonathan Buck to purchase a tract of land for $200 for Rachel and to give the remaining money to her.
  • 07 Sep 1873: Isaac Buck died leaving widow Rachel Buck.
  • 16 Dec 1873: Affadavit of Rachel Buck.
  • 01 Jan 1874: Rachel Buck makes oath that she is a pauper and cannot bear the expense of bringing a suit
  • against Jonathan Buck.
  • 07 Jan 1874: Jonathan Buck Jr. is notified that he is to answer Rachel Buck's Bill of Complaint.
  • 02 Mar 1874: Jonathan Buck Jr. responds that there is insufficient law in the Bill of Complaint.
  • 04 Apr 1874: Jonathan Buck Jr. responds to the Bill of Complaints by saying all the allegations are false.
  • 26 Mar 1875: Deposition of J. M. Douglass taken.
  • 30 Aug 1876: Depositions of Elisabeth Pullen, Sarah W. Caruthers, Austin Ramsey, I. N. Buck and John Buck were taken.
  • 27 Feb 1880: The Depositions of Elizabeth Pullen, Mrs. Caruthers and Austin Ramsey which were excepted and suppressed may be read.
  • 01 Mar 1880: Chancery Court heard the case Rachel Buck vs Jonathan Buck. Honorable H. G. Crowley Chancellor f the 3 Chancery Division presiding.
  • 03 Mar 1880: Depositions of Rachel Buck and Jonathan Buck were taken.
  • 09 Mar 1880: Final Decree.
  • 03 Apr 1880: Jonathan Buck takes an oath that he is a pauper and cannot afford the expense of the appeal at the Supreme Court.


  • Elisabeth Pullen
  • Sarah W. Caruthers
  • Austin Ramsey
  • I. N. Buck
  • John Buck
  • Rachel Buck
  • Jonathan Buck
  • J. M Douglass


  • Rachel Buck
  • Jonathan Buck, Jr.
  • Honorable H. G. Crowley
  • Isaac Buck
  • H. P. Davis, Clerk
  • Windle & Smith, Sols
  • J. Arnold, Clerk
  • J. M. Goodpasture, Clerk & Master
  • J. W. Carr, Sheriff
  • John P. Murray, Sol.
  • Murray, Denton & Webb, Sols
  • Elizabeth Pullen
  • Sarah W. Caruthers
  • Mrs. Clark
  • Austin Ramsey
  • I. N. Buck
  • John Buck
  • Mrs. Marchbanks
  • Mrs. Mills
  • C. Mills
  • Mrs. Rollins
  • Caruthers
  • Mrs. Clark
  • R. G. Burton
  • J. C. Burton
  • Bennett France
  • J. M. Douglass
  • Tabitha Buck
  • Thomas S. Marr
  • L B. Larbox
  • J. H. Moore
  • H. Denton
  • Walton Smith
  • W. J. Mills
  • Enoch J. Buck


  • Clerk & Master J. M. Goodpasture
  • Clerk & Master J. Arnold
  • Clerk & Master Walton Smith
  • Sheriff Carr
  • Constable Davis