Division: Middle Tennessee
Range: 34
Section: D
Shelf: 5
Box Number: 658
Pages: 72

This case concerns the true ownership of 130 acres in Civil District 5 adjoining the land of George Buckner. David Whitaker lived on the land.

Davis, Hyder, Jackson, Whitaker

Putnam County, TN

James Jackson is the son of John Jackson.
Elcana Hyder & Pleas M. Hyder are brothers.
Father of Elcana & Pleas Hyder is mentioned but not named.
The lands in question were generally called the Sadler land.
David Whitaker is the father of Elizabeth Whitaker.
Elisabeth Whitaker has one child who is not named.

Pauper's Oath for David & Elisabeth Whitaker dated 8 Apr 1880
Bill of Complaint of P. M. Hyder vs David Whitaker dated 24 Feb 1880
Deed from John Jackson to P. M. Hyder dated 16 Dec 1878

Dec 1878 - P. M. Hyder, John Jackson & David Whitaker went to Cookeville to make a deed to the land in controversy.
16 Dec 1878 - John Jackson conveyed 129 acres of land to David Whitaker.
Sep 1879 - Subpoena for David Whitaker to appear in Court.
Oct 1879 - The land in dispute was sold to Pointer.
Dec 1879 - David Whitaker rented the land to John W. Davis.
24 Feb 1880 - P. M. Hyder & W. D. Hyder post bond.
24 Feb 1880 - Bill of Complaint P. M. Hyder vs David Whitaker
05 Apr 1880 - David & Elizabeth Whitaker file their complaint.
08 Apr 1880 - Injunction is granted to prevent Thos. T. Pointer from taking possession of the land. John W. Davis is prevented from raising crops on the land.
03 Sep 1881 - Chancery Court held in Cookeville heard the case David & Elisabeth Whitaker vs Thos. T. Pointer, John W. Davis, & John Jackson.
07 Sep 1880 - Thos. T. Pointer filed his demurrer.
18 Dec 1880 - Thos. T. Pointer filed his answer to the complaint.
08 Mar 1881 - John Jackson filed his answer to the complaint.
08 Sep 1881 - Final Decree. The Plaintiff's bill is to be dismissed. The injunction against Pointer is dissolved. Thos. T. Pointer recovers the 129 acres of land from David Whitaker. The deed from John Jackson to David Whitaker dated 16 Dec 1878 be cancelled.
20 Aug 1883 - David Whitaker & Elizabeth Whitaker vs John Jackson, Thos. T. Pointer & John W. Davis was heard before the TN Supreme Court.

P. M. Hyder filed 27 Aug 1881
John Madewell filed 27 Aug 1881
G. W. Ford filed 27 Aug 1881
Elisabeth Whitaker filed 27 Aug 1881
David Whitaker filed 27 Aug 1881
T. T. Pointer filed 27 Aug 1881

Hon. W. G. Crowly
David Whitaker
Elisabeth Whitaker
Thos. T. Pointer
John W. Davis
John Jackson
George Buckner
Jas Burnett
D. W. Sims
Jacob Henry, Esqr
Denton & Algood Attorneys for the Whitakers
Jesse Arnold, Clk
Walton Smith, Chairman
C. J. Bohanan, Sheriff
R. A. Cox & A. W. Boyd Attorneys for Pointer & Jackson
B. R. Womack JP for Putnam County
H. J. Brown, Constable
Pleas Hyder
Constable Ford
John Madewell
G. W. Ford
Wesley Davis (John W. Davis)
W. D. Hyder
John Brown
J. N. Hyder
James Jackson
John Whitaker
W. J. Isbell, Clerk
C. R. Ford, Reg of Putnam County
J. D. Bartlett, Constable