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The couple married in White County, and they currently live in White County. (White County, TN marriage records report that Elijah England married Jane England on 11 May 1867). Her version is that he has called her a "damn bitch," wished her dead and in Hell, throw hot coffee and dishes at her, and hit her with a bridle. Their youngest child is about 1 and the oldest is about 6-7. Since the birth of their youngest child, he has told her that he wished she had died and that he would have not married her if he had though that she would have lived so long. He told the children that they might as well have a "damned sow" for a mother.

His version is that everything she said was false. If he did call her names, it was because she started it and that she called him a "damned son of a bitch." She is very ill and cruel to the children. She beats them cruelly. She has been having an affair with a man with David Likens. He also accused her of sleeping with a man named Saylors. Elijah responds later that before his marriage to Jane that she was exceedingly poor. She hardly sufficient clothing. She associated with lewd and licentious people. He did not bring her to his house and ruin her. She has boasted that she will get his still house, farm and every valuable piece that he owns. She says that she and Likens will live on his farm. Or that Likens wants to take her to TX. He believes that if she is given an alimony that she will squander it on Likens.


  • Jane England and Elijah England are husband and wife.
  • They have several children. The oldest is 6-7 and the youngest is 1.
  • Two of the children are little girls.
  • Childrens names are Lean, Elijah, Rebecca,& Gusters.
  • Rebecca Sherrill is a cousin of Jane Englands
  • Rebecca Sherrill has a sister called Puss



01 Jan 1873: Elijah says that Jane was sleeping with Likens during this time. Liken left and went to Alabama.
14 Mar 1873: Jane came to Sparta with material to make Likens a coat & a pair of pants. Elijah knew nothing about it until he found out that these items were charged to his account.
21 Mar 1873: Bill of Complaint of Jane England vs Elijah England
24 Mar 1873: The Court informs Elijah England that he needs to respond at the May Term of Court
01 May 1873: Elijah England files a Cross Bill of Complaint. Snodgrass is notified. W. J. Farris is the attorney for Elijah. They post a Pros Bond.
First Monday 1873: Jane England left with David Likens and went to Putnam County.
10 May 1873: Jane England responds to the Cross Complaint.
15 May 1873: The ammended answer is filed.
15 May 1873: Sam Scott makes oath that Elijah’s farm is worth about $6000.
16 May 1873: J. R. “Jack” Price takes oath that Elijah’s farm is worth about $6000. C. Williams attests to the same.
16 May 1873: James Scott attests to the value of Elijah’s property.
26 May 1873: T. M. Maulden & John Austin attest to the value of Elijah’s property.
Sep Term 1873: Decree
30 May 1873: An injunction was filed with the Sheriff against Elijah. The Sheriff was required to make known to Elijah that he could not threaten or harm Jane.
02 June 1873: The Sheriff delivered the news to Elijah.
04 Sep 1873.: Depositions to be take at the home of Crocket England.
14 May 1874.: Elijah was required by the court to give Jane at least 100 barrels of corn from his crop which he has failed to do. Elijah has carried off or removed some loft floors out of the houses on the land set apart for her. She had $1000 worth of Real Estate set aside for her including buildings, house & stables. Elijah came and carried off the floors. What corn Elijah delivered to her was in poor condition. She wanted him to return it and bring her good corn which he refused to do.


  • Mrs. Dick Cumbee - signed Nancy Cumbee
  • Rebecca Sherrell - called Mrs. Sherrill
  • Alice England - is a second cousin to both Jane & Elijah
  • A. W. England
  • A. Fisk
  • A. J. McElroy - age 33 last April
  • T. B. Murray
  • John H. Savage
  • W. J. Farris
  • T. J. Bradford
  • E. L. Gardenhire


  • Jane England
  • Elijah England
  • Colms, Marchbanks & Story Solicitor for Jane England
  • H. C. Snodgrass Attorney for Jane England
  • W. J. Farris - Pros Bond - Elijah’s attorney
  • David Likens - alias David England
  • Old Woman Wiggins - stayed with Jane before the birth of her youngest child - who practiced as a midwife
  • ?? Saylors - another young man that lived with the Englands. Jane is accused of adultery with him.
  • Mrs. Cambell - Woman who Jane supposedly told that she wished Elijah dead.
  • Nay Saylors
  • Vincent - brought to the England home before the birth of a child. He abused her as well.
  • Chancellor W. G. Connelly
  • Crockett England
  • Father of Rebecca Sherrill - not named
  • Joseph or Joe Farris
  • Sister of Rebecca Sherrill - called Puss
  • Mother of Rebecca Sherrill - not named