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During the Civil War, Reuben Whitson paid Larkin Gunter to serve in his place as his substitute. Gunter was riding with Captain Lowe and his company. Gunter is accused of stealing a horse from Samuel Patton.

Gunter, Patton

Putnam County, Tennessee

Alfred Stone is a brother-in-law of Samuel Patton.
Larken Gunter was in the Confederate Army. He enlisted as a substitute for Reuben Whitson.
Eleanor Gunter is the daughter of Larkin Gunter.


Aug-Sep 1863: Larkin Gunter was riding in the Company of Captain Lowe. They took a horse from Samuel Patton.
05 Sep 1865: Summons to the Sheriff of Putnam County to summon Larkin Gunter to appear before the court.
06 Sep 1865: The trial is set to be heard before R. L. Gentry and Wilson Maxwell. Gentry and Maxwell gave judgement in favor of the plaintiff for $150.00 and costs of the trial.
08 Sep 1865: Larkin Gunter and Holland Denton give bond.
26 Dec 1865: Appeal. Proposed that the damages be reduced to $100.
30 Dec 1865: Cause continued until next term
23 Apr 1886: By consent of both parties, the cause is set for Thursday.
27 Apr 1866: Samuel Patton gives bond. His securities are D. L. McCaleb and D. C. Patton.
01 May 1866: Change the words in the lawsuit to "for unlawfully taking from plaintiff one bay horse of the value of $100." The cause is continued to next term of court.
30 Aug 1866: The appeal is set for next Monday.
03 Sep 1866: The appeal began with Judge A. McClain presiding.
25 Dec 1866: The Judge failed to show in the Circuit Court.
26 Dec 1866: Judge A. McClain of the Sixth Circuit.
31 Dec 1866: The Court met.
01 Jan 1867: Samuel Patton vs Larkin Gunter. Suing for Trespass. The jury found in favor of the plaintiff and assess damages to $32.50.

W. Maxwell, Esq
R. L Gentry, Esq
Linsey Ellis
John Jared, Esq
D. Maxwell
Alfred Stone
Reuben Whitson
Eleanor Gunter
Jackson Rul
R. L. Linsey
J. A. Ray

J. A. Ray, Clerk
Larkin Gunter
Robert L. Gentry, JP for Putnam County
Wilson Maxwell, JP for Putnam County
Holland Denton
D. L. McCaleb
D. C. Patton

  • W. M. Peak
  • Jesse Barnes
  • James Parrot
  • S. W. Gentry
  • Wm. Clark
  • W. N. Miller
  • N. L. C. Pearson
  • James Ballard
  • George Henry
  • J. C. Crawly
  • John Barnes
  • W. W. Baldrow


  • A. T. Mott
  • W. W. Ellis
  • Jesse Farley
  • D. M. Maxwell
  • L. T. Barnes
  • Caleb Crow
  • W. J. Mills
  • Wm Jared
  • James McBroom
  • John Cantrell
  • James Lack
  • Anthony McBroom

John Jared
Alfred Stone
Lindsey Ellis
Captain Lowe
WM Sharkes
Joseph Jared
Reuben Whitson
General Gideon Pillow
Eleanor Gunter
James White
Col. Hamilton
Mr. Lancaster
Jackson Rul
J. A. Ray
J. M. Whitson
R. R. Ritchie

J. A. Ray, Clerk
G. C. Maxwell
Sheriff J. H. McCully
Sheriff J. H. Moore
John Jarred
D. M. Maxwell
Wilson Maxwell
Joseph Jarred
R. L. Linsey
Reuben Whitson
Jackson Real