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In November 1855, Nancy Officer brought suit against Preston Robinson. Before the suit was prosecuted, Preston Robinson deeded a slave boy named Barton to his brother, William H. Preston. In addition, he deeded all his interest in the real and personal property of his deceased father, James Robinson, to his brother. Nancy maintained that he did so avoid paying her, if she won the suit.

Robinson (Robertson), Officer

White and Putnam Counties, TN

Preston and William H. Robinson are brothers.
James Robinson is the father of Preston and William H. Robinson.
Leah Robinson is the mother of Preston and William H. Robinson.
Barton is a slave of Preston Robinson. Slave of copper color.
Negro man named Jack
Negro girl named Linday
Two Negro women named Sarah & Jane


28 Nov 1855 - Nancy Officer commenced her action against Preston Robinson in the Circuit Court of Putnam County.
22 Dec 1855 - Preston Robinson conveyed to his brother William H. Robinson by deed his interest in the real estate of their father James Robinson in the possession of Leah Robinson.
22 Dec 1855 - Preston Robinson conveyed slave Barton (worth $1000) to his brother.
31 Dec 1855 - Both deeds were recorded.
April 1856 - The Circuit Court of Putnam County returned a judgement against Preston Robinson for $5000. Nancy Officer released Preston of $4000 of that debt.
2 Mar 1856 - Summons to the Sheriff of Putnam County to seize the negro boy named Barton and the real estate and personal property of Preston Robinson that he inherited from his father. The property is in the possession of Leah Robinson.
2 Mar 1856 - Summons to the Sheriff of White County to serve a subpoena to Preston and William H. Robinson to appear before the Chancellor of the Chancery Court in Sparta on the 3rd Monday in September 1856.
22 Apr 1856 - In the Chancery Court of Sparta, Nancy Officer of Putnam County filed against Preston and William H. Robinson of Putnam County.
22 Apr 1856 - Nancy Officer and Stephen H. Colms posts bond.
28 Apr 1856 - Sheriff R. Dyer took bond on a Negro boy named Barton, a Negro man named Jack, a Negro girl named Linday, and two Negro women named Sarah and Jane. Also on all the interest Preston Robinson had in lands in the possession of Leah Robinson.
28 Apr 1856 - William H. Robinson and Preston Robinson post bond. James J. Bohannon and John Johnson are securities.
14 May 1856 - Sheriff R. Dyer served the subpoena to the Robinson brothers.
Sep 1856 - The Chancery Court sided with the Defendants. Nancy Officer appealed the decision to the TN Supreme Court.
3 Nov 1856 - Nancy Officer and M. C. Dibrell entered bond unto Preston and William H. Robertson (listed as Robertson in this instance).


Preston Robinson
William H. Robinson
James Robinson
Leah Robinson
Nancy Officer
S. H. Colms, attorney for Complainant
E. L. Gardenhire, attorney for Defendants
Brien, Colms, Farris & Dillard, Solicitors
John L. Goodall, Judge
W. E. Nelson, Clerk & Master
R. Dyer, Sheriff
James J. Bohannon
John Johnson
T. Nixon Van Dyke
M. C. Dibrell

Clerk Nelson
Sheriff Roberson Dyer