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Putnam County Reconstructed Marriage Database

Putnam County was formed in 1854. The courthouse was burned in 1864 and again in May 1899. Many of the official marriage records were lost prior to 1898, except for 1878 - 1882 and miscellaneous records from 1891-1896.

This research is an attempt to reconstruct the marriages from Putnam County from alternate sources. The alternate sources include:

  • Bible Records
  • Military Pension Applications
  • Newspaper Announcements
  • Court Records
  • Census and Death Records (Census: year and Death Records: maiden name)
  • Divorce Records

Some marriages that occurred in neighboring counties are listed here, even though they are exist in the county court records. These marriages were mentioned in either US Civil War Widow's Pension Applications or Confederate Widow's Pension Application. They were confirmed by Tennessee Marriage Database. Instead of listing the Pension Application number as the original source, the county of the marriage record is listed.

Each marriage record is listed twice: once under the groom's surname and once under the bride's maiden name (if known). The source of the record is given with each record.

UPDATED: 20 March 2020

SURNAMES ADDED: Crawford, Dyer, Hunter, Robinson