This Indenture made & entered into this the 23rd day of July AD 1856 between James Weatherford and his wife Catharine Weatherford of the County of White and State of Tennessee of the one part and Andrew L. Potts of this County, aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of sixty three dollars in hand paid the receipt thereof is hereby acknowledged the said James Weatherford and his wife Catharine have this day bargained and sold and by there presents bargains sells and conveys unto the said Andrew L. Potts his heirs and ? forever all their undivided interest being the one seventeenth part of the estate of the late William Price deceased of said County which descended to the said Catharine as the granddaughter of said deceased and this deed is intended to embrace and ? all of his Real and personal estate including the funds now in the hands of W. E.? Nelson? Esq as Commissioner appointed by the Chancery Court at Sparta to sell the lands of said Deceased the proceeds of which is to be paid over to the said Andrew L. Potts his heirs ? to have and to hold the same forever and the said James Weatherford and his wife Catharine bind themselves to forever ? and defend? their Title to said undivided interest in said estate against all other claims whatever witness our hands and seals.

James Weatherford
Catharine X (her mark) Weatherford

Jo? Holderfield?
WH? Shurgart

State of Tennessee
White County }

Personally appeared before me George G. Dibrell Clerk of White County Court-James Weatherford & his wife Catharine Weatherford the above conveys as? of? which? whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledge the due execution of the ? deed of conveyance for the purposes and things therein contained and the said Catharine Weatherford being by me examined separate and apart from her said husband acknowledged that she signed & executed the above deed of conveyance freely ? and understandingly without any threats fear or coercion from her husband and for the purpose therein contained which is recorded wintss? my hand at office in Sparta this 22 day of September AD 1856 G.G. Dibrell Clerk Filed in my office and noted in my reception Book No. 1 page 75 on the 7th day of September at 11 oclock am and registered - day 16 by Brockett? Registrar.