Source: White County Deed Book X
Page: 272

Polly Price
Thomas Price } Deed

State of Tennessee White County,
I, Polly Price, of the aforesaid for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have for my son Thomas Price of the same county and the Sum of One Dollar in hand paid have this day fiven granted bargained & sold & do hereby transfer and convery unto the said Thomas Price his heirs and assigns forever all my personal estate of every kind and description that I may die seized and possessed of including money notes accounts, chases in action, stock, grain, household furniture, including every spec?? of estate that I may be entitled to in my own right at the time of my death. But it is explicitly understood by and between said Thomas and myself that I am to remain in full possession of all the said property money notes &c as ong as I live, and to to use the same at my own discretion, and it is further agreed that the said Thomas Price is out of said effects to payable debts that I may owe at my death and to pay all of my burial and funeral expenses out of the same, Witness my hand & seal this 21st day of April 1871.

Polly Price
(her mark)

Attest E. D. Williams
D. M. Southard

State of Tennessee
White County }

Personally appeard before one E. D. Williams and D. M. Southard to me personally known the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Deed of Conveyance and made oath in due form of laws that Mary Price the within Conveyor, acknowledged this execution of the same for the purposes therein named. Given under my hand at office in Sparta the 1 day of May 1871.
H. L. Carrick, D. C.

Filed and noted in the Reception Book. No. 1 Page 129, May 1, 1871 at 4
o'clock p.m.
William Hotton, Register