M. C. Dibrell Comm
Samuel Messenger } Deed 252 Acreas

Whereas on the Sixteenth day of December A.D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-six (1856). There was filed in the District Chancery Court for White County Tennessee a bill paying amongst other things for the sale of land belonging to the estate of James Anderson deceased for the purpose of paying debts of said estate and on the twenty-eighth day of September One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifty-seven (1857) being a regular time for holding said Court of Chancery it was decreed by the Chancellor of said Court that said lands of James Anderson should be sold and ordered the clerk & Master to advertise and sell the same agreeable to land and I as Clerk and Master after advertising and the law direct/ inceeded on the premises on the Twelve (12) day of November Eighteen hundred and fifty-seven (1857) to sell said lands where George Price became the purchaser and converged his claim to his heirs to wit G. P. Hampton, A. Saylors, Thomas Price, Sandy Hickey, L. D. Price, Catharine Walker and Easter Price and on the Third day of November Eighteen Hundred and sixty-two (1862) said heirs sold the same tract of land to Samuel Messenger for the sum of Two Thousand dollars and entered into bond to have the title made to said Messenger. Now, I Montomery C. Dibrell Commissioner aforesaid appointed to sell the land of James Anderson deceased in consideration of the above named contract and conveyance do hereby transfer to the said Samuel Messenger his heirs and assigns the following described tract of land being the same land sold as the property of said James Anderson deceased and purchased by George Price to wit, lying and being in the County of White and State of Tennessee and civil district No. 8 and bounded as follows to wit. Beginning on a black oak G. P. Hampton Northeast corner of his swamp tract of land running thence across the swamp with a conditional line to a hickory in the edge of an old field another of said Hampton's corner Thence bounded by Bloomfield Wetherford (or the home tract of land on which said James Anderson resided at his death) line on the South running with Duncan old line bounded by the Anderson Pond tract and thence by Richard Bradley line on the East and Nancy Griffith also and thence bounded by another of Richard Bradley's line and crossing the swamp again to a tract of land owned by Micapabe Southard and the same to Sandy Hickeys East boundary line thence with the same to Thomas Price corner thence with a conditional line of the same crossing the swamp to Eddington Jones corner thence with Jones line to the Beginning containing Two Hunddred and fifty acreas more or less. To have and to hold the same to the only proper use of the said Samuel Messenger his heirs or assigns the foregoing tract of land as described which was ordered by the chancellor to be sold by me a Commissioner and consideration of the foregoing state agent. I as commissioner hereby transfer into the said Samuel Messenger, his heirs and assigns as the right title claim and demand of James Anderson in and said lands in as full and lawful manner as I could or ought to do as Commissioner but no further or otherwise Given under my hand and seal this 10th day of June A. D. 1867

M. C. Dibrell (Comm) (seal)
To said lands of Jas Anderson

State of Tennessee
White County }

Personally appeared before me H. L. Carrick Deputy of the County Court of White County Sparta and acknowledged the execution of the within deed for the purposes and things therein contained. Witness my hand at office the 5th day of August 1867.

Filed and Noted in Reception Book 1 page 113 Aug. 5 (1867) at 11 o'clock A.M.

Thos H Hancher, Register
By William Hollow D. R.