Source: Putnam County, TN
Roll: 10
Book: I
Page: 142

Sarah Ditty to
Saml Messenger } Deed

I Sarah Ditty have this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey unto Samuel Messenger, and his heirs forever for the consideration of three hundred and eighty-eight dollars and twenty-five cents. the following tract or parcel of land in Putnam Cty District No. 2, on little canney fork to wit: beginning at a stake on or near the old military link and running South 67 degrees East 54 poles to a Stake and Black Oak pointer, thence South 87 degrees East 22 poles, thence South 41 degrees East 52 poles to a State and white oak and dogwood pointers, thence North 78 degrees East 18 poles to a Sugartree on the South Side of the River, thence South 74 degrees East 98 poles to a gum on the River bank near a Cove spring thence North 35 degrees West down the River 52 poles to a Stake, thence NOrth 20 degrees West 12 poles to a stump thence north 75 degrees west 49 poles to a stake thence north 6 poles crossing the River to a State thence South 87 1/2 degrees West 125 poles to the Beginning containing 38 acres 3 and 18 poles to the said Samuel Messenger that I am lawfully Seized of said land, and that the Same is unencumbered and that I right to convey the same, I do further covenant with the Said Messenger to warrant and defend the title to the above land against the lawful claim, of all persons whatever, this July 5th, 1875.

Sarah Ditty
(her mark)

Howard Farley
A. H. Ditty

State of Tennessee
Putnam County}

Personally appeared before me, H. P. Davis, Clerk of the County Court, of said County Howard Farley and A. H. Ditty Subscribing witness to the attached Testament, who being first duly sworn, depose and say, that they are personally acquainted with anexed named Sarah Ditty, the bargainer, and that She acknowledges that same in their presence to be her ??? and deed for the purposes therein contained.

Witness my hand at office this 5th day of January 1876.
H. P. Davis

I do hereby certify that the foregoing Deed was filed in my Office for Registration on the 17th day of February 1876 at 4 o'clock P. M. and noted in filation Book A Pages 228 & 229.
C. R. Ford
Recr for Putnam County