Source: Putnam County, TN Deeds
Roll # A-4005
Vol. W
Page 158-159

John Madwell
to Deed
James Madwell }

Know all men by these presents for in consideration of $40.00 to me in hand paid I John Madwell have this day bargained & sold and do hereby transfer and convey unto James Madwell and wife Cans Madwell and their heirs a certain tract or parcel of land situate and lying in 3 Civil District of Putnam Co. Tenn and bounded as follows to wit: beginning on a stone in S. W. Johnson's line. Thence North to a poplar it being J. K. P. Jones corner, thence east with Jones line to a small buchey cedar & sweet gum pointers, thence north with Jones line to a black gum & dogwood. Thence east a conditional line made by Y. Lee and John Madwell to a chestnut oak thence east a conditional lineand sourwood in Levi Jackson's line thence west with Levi Jackson's line to a sugar tree stump thence west with James Madwell's line to a cedar thence sourth with James Madwell's line to a bunch of elm sprouts standing on a bluff, thence south with James Madwell's line to a hicory and dogwood in J. S. Welchs line thence west with said Welchs till it striches Charlie Jacksons line thence with Jackson's line to a chestnut oak corner it being S. W. Johnson's corner thence north with said Johnson's line to the beginning containing by estimation one hundred acres more or less to have and to hold to the said James Madwell & wife & heirs I convenant with the said James Madwell that I am lawfully seized of said land have a good right to convey the same that the same is unincumbered I further agree & bind myself & heirs & representations to forever warrant & defend the title of said land to James Madwell and wife & heirs against all the lawful claims of all person whomsoever. This March 14th 1905. John Madwell

I James Madwell agree to fullfill all the requirements of a deed that John Madwell made to J. L. Lee.

James Madwell (his mark)

State of Tennessee Putnam County}

Personally appeared before me A. P. Roberson a notary public in and for said county the within named bargainor John Madwell with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he executed the within instrument for the purpose therein contained. Witness my hand and official seal this 14 day of March 1905.

A. R. Roberson Notary Public

State of Tennessee Putnam County }

The above and foregoing deed was filed in my office for registration on the 3 day of April 1905 at 10:30 o'clock am and noted in Filations Book "B" on Page 229

S. F. Carr Register by J. B. Thompson DR