Source: Putnam County Deed Book H
Page 595-596

Submitter Notes: John Davis, Martha E. Choate, Malissa Choate, Harriet Price, Lona Bussell (wife of Ed Bussell) were Willis Davis''s children.

Deed from John Davis,
Bood & Martha Choate,
Malissa Choate,
Thomas & Harriet Price, and
J. E. Nicholas to Ed Bussell

John Davis et al To Warranty Deed Ed Bussell

Know all men by these presents, that we John Davis, Bood Choate, and wife Martha E. Choate, Malissa Choate, Thomas Price and wife Harriet Price, and J. E. Nicholas, for the consideration of Two Hundred and Ten Dollars, cash in hand paid the receipt is hereby acknowledged have this day bargained and sold and by these presents do hereby transfer and convey unto Ed Bussell his heirs and assigns forever the following described tract or parcel of land to wit: Situate [sic] and being in the 1st Civil district of Putnam County Tennessee and bounded as follows:

1st Tract Beginning on a stake: Thence West 114 poles to post oak thence south 18 poles to a Sour-wood; thence east 18 poles to a dead White oak thence south 38 poles to a dead White oak and White Walnut pointers; thence east 42 poles to a hickory and White oak pointers; thence north 39 poles to a White oak; thence direct to the beginning and containing about 32 acres.

2nd Tract Being and lying in same district and adjoining the 1st tract and bounded as follows; Beginning at a post-oak, near John Moore SW corner of his 50 acres tract; thence east crossing the creek at 75 poles in all 100 poles to a black oak; thence south __ poles to a dog wood; thence east crossing the creek 100 poles to a post oak; thence north poles to the beginning and containing about 50 acres. This deed is intended to convey all of our rights title and interest in and to the lands which Willis Davis, late, died seized and possessed of. We covenant with the said Ed Bussell that we are lawfully seized and possessed of an undivided interest in said land as the only children and heir at law of the said Willis Davis, deceased, and each of us do hereby convey all of said interest in said land except J. E. Nicolas, who transferred the first tract mentioned herein to the said Willis Davis in the year 1880, by title bond, and never executed deed in accordance with said bond, heretofore and I, J. E. Nickolas join in this deed for the purpose of making said deed, the said Bussell having paid me, the balance of the purchase money on said first tract of land.

To have and to hold the same to the said Ed Bussell, his heirs and assigns forever. The covenant with said Ed Bussell, that we are each lawfully seized and possessed of said land, that the same is unencumbered and that we have a good and lawful right to convey that same, and we will forever warrant and defend the the title to said land to the said Ed Bussell, his heirs and assigns against the lawful claim of all persons whomsoever.

Witness our hands on this the 29th day of August 1903.
John Davis
Bood Choate (his mark)
Malissa Choat (her mark)
Martha E. Choate (her mark)
Thomas Price (his mark)
J. E. Nicholas
Harriett Price (her mark)

State of Tennessee
Putnam County

Personally appeared before me V. E. Bockman, Notary Public for and in said County and State John Davis, Bood Choate, Thomas Price, Malissa Choate, and J. E. Nicholas, the within named bargainors [sic] with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that they executed the within instrument for the purposes therein contained.

And Martha E. Choate, wife of the said Bood Choate, and Harriet Price wife of the said Thomas Price, having been examined by me, privately and apart from their husbands the said Martha E. Choate and Harriet Price acknowledged the execution of said instrument, to have been done and signed by them freely, voluntarily, and understandingly without compulsion or constraint from their said husbands, and for the purposes therein expressed. Witness by hand and seal on this on the 29th day of August 1903.

V. E. Bockman