Transcribed by Carolyn Denson

County Courts Monday Nov. 2nd 1885

Margrett Stouts Will

I Margrett Stout of the County of Jackson State of Tennessee being of Sound Mind & disposing memory do make this my last Will hereby revoking all wills by me made at any time here before made 1st I give my Soul to God he gave it & then my body to be buried in a deason & Christian like manor 2nd I give my son Daniel Bigs Ten dollars out of my estate to be Paid to him by my legal representive when the money is collected 3rd I give to my Daughter America Jones all my lands & all my goods, Stock, House hole & Kitchen furniture all my money & effects of every discription Whatever To have & to use for her Support during her Natural life & then to go to her Bodily heirs & in order to make the disposition mentioned in the 2 & 3rd Clause of this will I nominate & appoint James R. Spurlock my Executor to Wind up My Estate & authorize him to Proceed at once after my death to take charge of my Mare & Hogs & saddle & sell them Either Publicly or Privately as he may deem best & Pay all of My Just Debts & also Pay Daniel Bigs ten dollars out of that saile of Said Property & that he Spurlock take charge of my lands & tenements as soon as Practicable after My death & Rent the same out & Collict the Rents & Pay Them over to My Daughter America Jones as she needs Them to live on either in money or Produce & If the Rents is more than She needs to live on the remainder May be loaned out to good & responsible Parties at Interest & he will also take Charge of the Present Crop or my Part of It & Sell all of it that My Daughter America Jones does not need to live on and apply the Proceeds to the benefit of My Daughter America Jones. I dont allow my house hole & Kitchen Furniture to be Sold. I give Them as they are to My Daughter America Jones & also all my Beds & Bed Clothing & goods of every Kind in the House & also one young cow that I own at this time. Signed & delivered in the presents of us this August The 3rd 1885.

Margrett X Stout
her mark

J.M. Johnson
A. Cornwell

Administrator Bond
State of Tennessee--Jackson County.

We, J.R.Spurlock as Principle and H.C. Carter & Johnson R. Spurlock are bound to the State of Tennessee, in the penalty of Two hundred fifty Dollars.
Witness our hands and seals, this 2nd day of November A.D. 1885
The Condition of the above Obligation is such, That whereas, the above bound J.R. Spurlock has been appointed Administrator of the Estate of Margrett Stout deceased.
Now, if the said J.R. Spurlock shall well and truly, as such Administrator, perform all the duties which are or may be required by law, this obligation shall be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
Ackknowledged and approved Open Court, this 2nd day Nov 1885. James Hargis, cl.
James R. Spurlock
H.C. Carter
Johnson R. Spurlock

State Of Tennessee-- Jackson County

J.R. Spurlock a citizen of Jackson County:
Whereas, It appears to the Court now in session, that Margarett Stout died, leaving no Will, and the Court being satisfied as to your claim to the administration, and you ______ing given bond and qualified as directed by law, and the Court having ordered that Letters of Administration be issued to you: These are, therefore, To authorize and empower you, the said J.R. Spurlock ______ds, chattels, claims and papers of the said intestate, and return a true and perfect inventory thereof in our next County Court, or within ninety days from the date hereof to collect and pay all debts and _____ and transact all the duties in relation to said estate, which lawfully devolve on you as Administrator; and after having settled up said estate, to deliver the residue thereof to those who have a right

J. R. Spurlock
Admr. of
Margrett Stout Dec'd

Final Settlement

I J. H. Chaffin Clerk of the County ____ of Jackson County Term have on this the __ day of Dec. 1888, proceeded to make a Final Administration Settlement with J.R. Spurlock Admr. of the Estate of Margrett Stout Dec'd. all of the Heirs having been notified according to Law of the time and place of making said Settlement ______ of which is submitted to the Hon County Court at its J__ Term 1889 which is as follows to wit:

J. R. Spurlock Admr.

To amt, due on last Settlement made Dec. 12 1887. & Recorded in W. & I
Book "B." Pages 411 & 12 $53.15
Interest on same from Dec. 12th, 1887 to Dec. 12th, 1888. 3.19
To cash for Timber Shiped to Nashville April 21, 1888. 10.00
Interest on same to Dec. 12th 1888. .39
Rent for wards Lands for years 1886 $20.00,- 87 $25.00, & 1888 $25.00
To corn & hogs on hand at Death of Mrs. Stout 30.00

Total Charges - $166.73
Credits allowed Admr.
By one receipt from America & James Richardson of their Distributive share of said Estate dated March 8th 1887.
By Interest on same to Dec. 12th 1888.
By one receipt from W. T. Davis on a judgement that Dr. Barnett obtained
against said Admr. dated Augst. 28th 1888.
By Interest on same to Dec. 12th 1888
" one note paid off to J. M. Johnson Atty for writing Will for Margrett
Stout Dec'd dated April 21, 1888
Interest on same to Dec. 12 1888
By one Receipt from James & America Richardson for corn & hogs delivered to them at the death of Margrett Stout Dec'd and for the Rent of the
Land for the year 1886-87 & 88.
Clerk J. H. Chaffin for making said

(page 442 Tuesday Jany. 8th 1889.)

settlement Docketing Recording & _ -
D. Sheriff J.T. Shirley Ex. 3 notices 50c
Total Credits
Total Charges to Dec. 12, 1888 $_____
" Credits to Dec. 12, 1888
amt over paid by Admr
J.H. Chaffin Clerk