23 MAR 1806 - 20 FEB 1846

Source: White County Wills & Settlements
Roll: 53
Book: C
Page: 216

Report of the assignment of provisions for one year by Commissioner appointed by White County Court for the Widow and family of John L. Price Deceased To wit at the April Term A. D. 1846 ______

Sixteen dollars to Bray Barson in addition to what is now an ??teen Dollars to Buy sugar ten dollars to buy coffee twenty five dollars to Buy corn eight Dollars to buy salt ten dollars to buy tea ??? dollars to buy flower five dollars to buy to buy arsol? five dollars to buy cotton ten dollars to buy beef six dollars to buy tea five dollars to a loaf of sugar two dollars to buy ??? Three dollars to buy ??? all the ???? Eight dollars to buy lard Given under our hands and seals this 23 April 1846 amounting as all to our hand ??? and seventy eight dollars

David Snodgrass (seal)
Richd Bradley (seal)
John Crook (seal)

William Little, clerk

Recorded at 9 day of May 1846
Test William Little, Clerk

Source: White County Wills & Settlements
Roll: 53
Book: C
Page: 219

John L. Price Dec'd Letters of Administration
_____ State of Tennessee White County _______________ Whereas on this 6th day of April A. D. 1846 the death of John L. Price late of the County of White deceased was suggested in open court and that he departed this life intestate thereupon Celley Price the Widow of the deceased was appointed and qualified Administratrix. These are therefore to impower the said Administratrix to act into and upon all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits of the deceased and there into her possession that wheresoever the same may be found in this State and Inventory to return into this Court within the time limited by law and all the just debts of the deceased to pray so far and the said estate will ???? of amount to Witness William Little Clerk of our said Court at office the 1st Monday in April A. D. 1846 and in the 70th year of American Independence.

William Little, Clerk
of White County Court

Recorded 10th April A. D. 1846
Test William Little, Clerk
of White County Court

Source: White County Wills & Settlements
Roll: 53
Book: C

John L. Price Dec'd Inventory & Sales Returned upon ?? the by Celia Price Administratrix of said deceased at the Jun Term of White County Court A. D. 1846
To Wit:

A lot of Chairs sold to Celia Price for $1.30 one Table do $2.00
?? Keg of sulphur $0.20 one press $3.00 one Trundle Bed $8.25
One Bed Tick ??? one Buro $8.00 one State & Seal for .20 two ???
??? $1.00 1 per dog Trans 50 cents 1 lot of Bottles 50 cents 1 Bolt 20 cents
Table & two Qualts $1.25 two Hides 75 cents 1 Crib or Cradle 75 cents
Side Saddle 25 cents 1 Mares saddle by William Price 50 cents
Celia Price 1 Surale Table 50 cents 1 bedstead $5. do $3.00 one chopping
?? 62 1/2 cents James Price 1 Bedstead $5.00 one Buro $5. 1 fly ??
10.62 1/2
50 cents Celia Price 3 Boxes 25 cents 1 lot of Books 50 cents
James Price 1 looking glass $3 1 Surale table 50 cents 1 carpet 50 cents
Celia Price 1 lot of pictures 10 cents 1 Candle stand 50 cents 1 lot of sheets 5 cents
?? Wheel & Glass 10 cents 1 fee for dogs 50 cents 1 lot of jars 37 1/2 cents
.97 1/2
??? of things trumphery 40 cents 2 tubs 15 cents 1 lot Kitchen furniture 20 cents
?? of Crocks 20 cents 1 Barrel Vinegar 20 cents 1 Kettle 25 cents
.65 1/2
?? of Kitchen Utensils 25 cents 1 per fire dogs 20 cents 1 Horse $13
$70.31 1/2
Account of William L. Roberts for $255
Note on Thomas Springs due 1 Feb 1846 25
Judgement on Alexander Gill with proceeds to wit 10
In all
$360.32 1/2

The foregoing is a full and perfect account of the ??? of all the property of the Estate of John L. Price Deceased ??? by law to be sold all of which was sold for cash in hand which was found to be necessary to rase money for the suport of the family of the Deceased which was allowed by the Commissioners for a support for one year the above sum of $290. is all the debts due the Estate of the Dec'd so far as has come to the hands of the undersigned June 1, 1846

Celia Price
Adminst of John L. Price, Dec'd

Recorded 8th Jun A. D. 1846
Test William Little Clerk

To Amt of Inventory & Sales returned Since Term 1846 70.32 1/2
Account on William I. Roberts 255.00
Now on Thomas Jennings(?) due Feb 1846 25.00
Judgement Next Bill 10.00 360.32 1/2
By amt assigned Commissioner for support of Family one year 178.00
Tax rect for 1846 & ??? acct for coffin 15.00 15.45
J. Snodgrass & sons receipt for Funeral Expenses 5.75
W. Leftwich account for funeral expenses 1.84
Amount of Administration account for moneys paid out expense /
Before the estate was known or thought to be insolvent 82.07
W. Claytons Printers for Publication of Insolvency 1.50
Clerk Dibrell's fee for this settlement 2.50
Administratrix charges for her services 36.00 323.11
Bal to be distributed ???? owing the
37.21 1/2
Following debts to wit, Celia Prices account for now paid
in Bank 26 Apl 1847 Interest $3.94 69.94
Receipt for stray money paid Interest 12 Oct 1846 1.07 1/2
Interest on same .09 71.10 1/2 26.87
W. Leftwich acct of 8.83 bal of non 13.5.5 22.38 8.46
Madison Fisks acct of $5 5.00 1.88 1/2
$37.21 1/2

The Administratrix charges for her services six dollars all of which is respectfully submitted to the worshipped court for the confirmation.

G. G. Dibrell, Clerk

Recorded 16th August 1848
G. G. Dibrell, Clerk