25 MAR 1831 - 4 NOV 1904

Last Will and Testament of Samuel M. Messenger

S M Messenger
To Will

To all that may be there presence greeting That I S.M. Messenger being in my right mind bequeath unto my beloved wife Canzada Messenger during her natural life a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Putnam and in the State of Tennessee bounded as follows. Bounded on the East by John Farris and Tom Farris on the North by John P Huddleston on the West by John P Huddleston and Joseph Farris on the South by Sam Price this being my last testate and with me being at my right mind for the pure good love for my wife Canzada Messenger the above described parcel of land. I will and bequeath unto her during her natural life and all of my personal property and then when she departs this life then to her children by me S M Messenger Dasey Messenger and Soloman Messenger Mindwell Messenger and Edney Messenger after she dies or remarries if she marries again there to the above named children.

S M Messenger (his mark)

Thomas Farris (his mark)
Noah Dearing

State of Tennessee
Putnam County }

On this the 21 day of April 1904 Personally appeared before me a Notary Public within and for the afforesaid County and State. S M Messenger with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged his signature to this will to be genuine and to have been done by him and for the purpose therein expressed and acknowledged to before me on this the 21 day of April 1904.

Witnessed by my hand and official seal
Charley L. Burgess, Notary Public
for Putnam County Tennessee

entered Nov 14 1904