Source: Chancery/Circuit Loose Records
Johnson-Kieth, S. 1839 - 1915
Roll: 87

I James Jones of the County of Jackson and state of Tennessee being at this time weak in body, but of sound mind and deposing memory and calling to mind the shortness of human life and the certainty of approaching depolution(?) and considering of the propriety of arranging and settling all my earthly concerns as far as practible do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner following (viz)

1st my will is that after my decease my body to be buried in a decent Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executrix herein after named (my soul I have committed to God who gave it, and to the word of his grace hoping for an inheritance among that sanctified,

2nd my will is that all my lands and personal property of every description upon my decease be the property of my beloved wife Polly Jones to gether with all costs, money bonds and rates and and other papers and the same as hereby bequeathed to her and her heirs forever -- The foregoing items of this my last will and testament in studes(?) and in designed to include all my property of every description real personal and mind(?) of which I may die possessed with the exception of my negro slaves and they disposed of hereafter in this will mentioned in the third place my will is that all my negroes except my negro man Edward of whom mention will be made here after in this my will whos names are Spencer, Alcy, Tanny, Ester, Charles, David, Nelson, Dowe, Martha, Julia, Hannah, Mary, John, Pleasant, Poll Jane & Ruth and their increase by the property of my beloved wife Polly Jones and they all are here by bequeathed to her during her natural life to be during that period under her control adn it here desposed & yet she is not at liberty to convey them or any of them ??? ???? to any person whatsoever

4th my will is that after decease of my beloved wife Polly Jones, all my negros above named be and it is in and by this my last will and testament ordained that they without exception be emancipated and they cannot and shall not in any event become the property of any person or persons whatsoever after the decease of my wife Polly Jones

5th my is that my negro man slave Edward from this time have the liberty to follow any lawful occupation in the County of Jackson only or in any county in which my said wife Polly shall make(?) after my decease and that so soon as her shall pay my wife Polly Jones the sum of Five Hundred dollars including what he has already paid for her special use adn benefit be the said negro man to be dissard(?) be emancipated and fore and that all lawful means resorted to to legally consumate to freedom and the said Edward upon my wife Pollys decease cannot and must not become the property of any person whatsoever.

6th my will further is that all cash, money, and all other proper, or estate, real, personal, or mist(?) whcih may hereafter become due to me or become mine in any way whatever be the property of my wife Polly Jones, and the same is humbly bequeathed to her and hers forever

seventhly and lastly my beloved, wife Polly Jones is by this my last will & testament nominated constituted and appointed Executrix of this my last will and testament in order that the same and every part and them there of ?? carried into full effect according to the true intent and meaning thereof all former wills by me made are hereby revoked and declared to be of no effect. In witness where of I James Jones have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 4th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three.

James Jones (seal)

Signed and delivered and published in the presence of
William Gailbreath
Thomas Murray
William Locke

State of Tennessee
Jackson County } August Session 1833

There was the above and last will and testament of James Jones deceased exhibited in court and the making signing and sealing and acknowledging the same by the said James Jones alas proven by the oaths of William Gailbreath and Thomas Murray two subscribing witnesses to the said will who swore that they saw the said Jones sign and heard him acknowledge the same to be his last will and testament and it is ordered that said will be recorded
William Gailbreath Clerk
J. C. C. Ck.

State of Tennessee
Jackson County } I John S. Turner Clerk of the County Court for the County of Jackson hereby certify that this above and foregoing is a full and perfect transcript of the last will and testament of James Jones deceased. Witness whereof by John S. Turner Clerk of the said Court at Office this 2nd day of September and hereunto witness my name and affixed this seal of said Court at office in Gainsboro 1839.
J. S. Turner Clerk
of J. C. C. Ct.