8 MAY 1815 - 9 SEP 1897

Source: Settlements & Wills H-K
Oct 1894 - May 1947
Will Book H
Pages: 106-107


I. G. P. Hampton knowing the uncertainty of life and certainty of Death do this day publish this my last will and Testament hereby revolking all others by me at any time made, in the first place I leave my devoted wife Lucy my Entire home place containing about 75 acres the same more or less bying the west side fo the public road heading from Sparta to Carthage for a home during her natural life. I also desire her to have all the bedding of every description as it is all her own make (having divided all my first all my former wife's bedding among my children some time ago) I also direct her to keep all the furniture I may have on hand at my death of every description including Stove and sewing machine for her use during her life (The above named bedding and bed clothing in her own property to dispose of as she pleases) I furthermore leave what farming tolls of every description for her use including wagon and gearing and Buggy and harness also I give her one hundred and fifty Dollars in money and choice horse or mule and Two cows and calves of her of her choice I also give her one hundred and fifty Bushels of corn and Twenty Bushels of wheat and as much oats if on hand at my death also all the cupboard and kitchen ???? of every kind what so ever. And as I have already gave each one of my living children five hundred Dollars in land or money. I owe my grand daughter Lena Hampton my son William's daughter to have that amount to be paid to her out of any money I may have on hand or may come unto the hands of my administrator (of my means) to be hereafter after appointed to carry out the intents of this will (as to the little gifts such as sewing machines and bearing her expenses to Texas I think she ought to have for waiting so long for her part) I further desire my administrator to pay all my debts including funeral expenses I may at my death (I hope thers will not be many as I owe nothing at present) I ??? over direct my children at my death to take possession of the land I control and partly own lying on the east side of the former described raod and do as they please (that is at the end of the year after my death). My only reason for not appointing my own children Executor is it sometimes occasions hardness I therefore hope the Honorable County Court will appoint some good man to carry out this will and at my wife Lucy's death is she survives me sell my home place left her and all the rest if any of my effects and divide it equally among my heirs at law. Although I am upward seventy seven years of age I believe myself to be of sound mind and disposing memory written with my own hand this 26th day of October 1893.

G. P. Hampton

This is to show that of the five hundred Dollars bequeathed my Grand daughter Lenon Hampton one hundred dollars is paid July 29 1895.

G. P. Hampton

State of Tennessee
White County } This day a paper perpurting to be the Last will and Testament of G. P. Hampton late of White County Tennessee was presented in open court and offered for probate and it appeared to the court by the testimoney of three respectable witnesses to wit: G. C. Oliver, E. Kelley and G. D. Hampton that the said last will and testament of G. P. Hampton was found amoung his ??? papers and that each of said witnesses know that said will was the genuine and true Handwriting of the said G. P. Hampton and after hearing said proof the court was pleased to admit said will to probate. There came J. Mullican in open court and made application to be appointed administrator with the will annexed and this court after securing there was no opposition to him was please to allow him to be appointed by giving bond in the sum of fifteen hundred Dollars and he together with D. F. Southard and G. D. Hampton as his surities entered into and acknowledged in the sum of fifteen hundred dollars which was approved by the court he took the oath as required by law and was given letters Testamoney and entered upon the discharge of his duties.

W. G. Sius Clerk