15 JUN 1812 - 27 FEB 1884

Source: White County Wills & Settlement
Roll: 53
Book: G
Page: 62

Will of Elijah England
April 8, 1884

State of Tennessee
White County }

In the name of God amen I Elijah England of the County of White and State of Tennessee Being of Sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life do therefore make publish and declare this be my last Will and Testament that is to say first after all my Lawful Debts are paid and Discharged the residue of my Estate both Real and Personall to be disposed of as follows To wit I will and bequeath to my wife Jane England provided she out lives me to have all of my Estate both Real and Personal that I now have or may have at the time of my Death to have and to hold so long as she may live and at her Death to my son Ander J. England after my Death and his Mother Jane England's Death to have Two Hundred Acres of land including the Bildings whare I now live the lines to be Run due North and South and the said Anda J. England is to Bild or move out the fencing on the line Dividing said A. J. England land from the other Land and to my two daughters Louciter Chilcut and Rebecca Isbell Rhea I will and bequeath after the Death of my self and my wife Jane England to my two Daughters above named the Ballance of the land that I ownd my wife Jane England may die seized and posed of to be Equally sell and divide the Money and the Ballance of my Personal Effects that I and my wife may die seized and possessed of to be Equally Divided between Anda England an Loucita Chilcut and Rebecca Isbell Rhea without sail of said property and if any of my Lawful heirs object to this my last will and Testament and wants to law over it I want them to only have a nominal sum of one Dollar and their part Equally divided with the other heirs. Likewise I make ??? and appoint Howard Farley and A. M. England to by my Executors of this my last Will and Testament hereby Revoking all former wills by me made in Witness whareof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 9th day of September 1882.

Elijah England (seal)
his mark

The above written instrument was subscribed and acknowledged in our presence and he at the same time published and declared this above instrument to subscribed to be his last Will and testament and we as the Testators request and and in his present have signed our names as Witnesses here to and writen opposite our names and Respective Places of Residence.

W. P. Howard, 7 District White County Tennessee
James Cumby, 9 District White County Tennessee

Elijah England (seal)