Transcribed by Elizabeth Lalonde

Davis, W. G. Dec'd
Last Will

I, W. G. Davis of the County of Putnam, and State of Tennessee, aged 64 years old on the 30th day of November, 1906, and knowing that life is uncertain and that death is sure, being promised to all mankind by the God who created us, and being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make and publish this, my last will and testament, which is in the following words and figures. (Viz):

(1) I will that all my just debts, including my funeral expenses and a neat headstone, with suitable inscription be paid for out of first money that may come into the hands of my Executor.

(2) I will and bequeath unto Avo Austin, my daughter and her heirs, the following property, it being real estate: The lands on which she now lives on, and all the lands on the west side of their spring branch to the top of the hill on the Elrod farm, and excluding the right-of-way for a wagon road through her land, for the use and benefit of Eli and Billie Davis, my two sons that now own the Elrod Farm, and their successors. Said lands contain 125 Acres, be the same more or less.

(3) I will and bequeath unto S. Eli Davis, my son and his heirs, the following real estate, bounded as follows (Viz) Beginning on a White Oak in the Farley's West boundary line and running west to a stake in a North line from Bud Bussell's North-east Corner. It being a line between said S. E. Davis and W. A. Davis. All the lands East of this line is S. E. Davis's, and all the lands on the Elrod Farm, North of a line beginning at a creek in the rock fence on the bank of Falling Water, and running parallel with the top of a round knob or hill to A. R. Austin's line, it being East with the exception of the right of way for wagon roads through said lands for the use of W. A. Davis, who owns the remainder of said Elrod Farm. Said lands contain 125 or 30 acres more or less.

(4) I will and bequeath to W. A. Davis and his heirs, the following real estate (Viz) Beginning on Bud Bussell's North East Corner and running North with Eli Davis's line, and passing his corner to a stake; thence west with a line that will strike the South Boundary line of the Rice farm, and with said line to A. R. Austin and Avo Austin's spring Branch; Thence southward with said branch and with Avo Austin's line to the corner, and thence east with Bud Bussell's Line to the Beginning, and the lands on the Elrod Farm, south of the lands of S. Eli Davis's as described in this will said lands contain about 130 or 40 acres more or less.

(5) I will and bequeath to my Son-in-Law Sam P. Meseley, who married my youngest daughter, Sallie Davis, who is now dead and without any living children, the sum of $25 to be paid out of my property as the same comes into the hands of my Executor.

(6) I will and give unto S. D. Davis and his heirs the following real estate (To wit) The lands on which I now live, with all the improvements and lands north of Eli Davis's line, to Farley's line on the North, and east and the Lands known as the Rice Lands. Said parties are to have possession of, and control all the lands mentioned in this will, but the legal title to the same is to remain in me during my life and at my death the title is to become absolute to the parties named.

I enjoin on S. D. Davis to provide for and take care of me during my life as is set out in a deed dated June the 22nd, 1901. To all of my heirs I hereby appoint the said S. D. Davis my Executor to this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made. At my death my personal property is to be sold, and after paying my just debts and funeral expenses, the remainder is to be equally divided among my heirs. In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal. This the 4th day of January, 1907.

W. G. Davis
Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of Worth Bryant and V. E. Beckman.

State of Tenn.
Putnam County
I the undersigned authority, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true, and perfect copy of the last will and Testament of W. G. Davis Dec'd as appears from the original will, which is on file in my office.
This the 4th day of April, 1910

Illegible signature (possibly D. C. Gossage) Clerk