14 JUN 1779 - 30 OCT 1861

White County, Tennessee
Will Book E
Page 413

Transcriber's Notes: George Price made this will out about 5 weeks before he died in 1861, just after the outbreak of the Civil War. He was a big plantation and slave owner. In the will, he gives two slaves, Limas and Puss, and their children to his wife. In the 1870 White County Census, Limas and Puss took on the last name of Price and were living as free people.

Last Will and Testament of George Price

The following is Last Will and Testament writen this 18th day of September, by Broomfield L. Ridley in the eighty third year of my life. I am very feeble in health but I feel and believe that my mind is sound and that I am entirely capable of making a sensible will.

In the first place I make the following provisions for my wife Polly Price (vis) I give her all my household and kitchen furniture of every description, together with such plantation utensels as in her estimation are necessary to cultivate the farm hereafter to be allowed to her. Also I wish her to have two work mules, a mare & colt what cows and young cattle she may want to keep including a yolk of oxen. Also I wish her to have all the fattening hogs on hand together with such Stock hogs as she may wish to keep. Also all the Bacon or Pork and family provisions of every kind on hand at my death -- Also I wish her to have all the wheat, corn fodder & rye and oats on hand. I also give to my beloved wife Five hundred Dollars in Cash out of the first money collected by my executors. I give all the above property to my wife absolutely to dispose of amongst my children and Grand children as she choses. In addition to the above I give my wife Polly Price the Home place where I now live including the houses, outhouses, orchards & during the term of her natural life and at her death to be divided out amongst my heirs at leaw and distributed as heretofore mentioned.

I wish my executors hereafter appointed to assign by actual survey so much land of the Home tract to my wife as may be sufficient for her most comfortable maintenance and they will allot to her a sufficency of rail timber and firewood.

Further it is my will and desire that all the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal or mixed, debts due or to become due, after the payment of my debts shall be equally divided between my children. I do not intend that my Grand children shall have any part of my land. But I order and appoint that my Executors shall pay over to each one of my Grand children whose farther or mother is dead at this time and who may be alive at my death (except James Poteet and Samuel Poteet and Polly Cash who shall receive nothing of my estate) the sum of one hundred dollars each in full of their respective claims.

I also except Marion Price. I don't intend for him to have a dollar of my estate.

Further I give Limas and Puss and her present and further increase to my wife during her life time and at her death to be divided amongst my children as above provided.

As to the residue of my estate -- Hereby appoint my son in law George P. Hampton and Lorenzo D. Price my executors and require them faithfully to execute the provision of this will this the day and year above writen.

George Price

Signed by the testator
in the presence and we
have witnessed & signed the
same as such in his presence.

In the presence of each other this 18th day of September 1861.
Broomfield L. Ridley
Edington Jones
Jeff Payne