1882 - 1896
White County, TN Settlements & Wills
Roll: #53

The following is a list of wills found in Book G. The index is ordered alphabetically by the name of the deceased. The following information was abstracted from the will (if listed within the will):

  1. Spouse
  2. Heirs and relationship to deceased
  3. Executors,
  4. Witnesses
  5. Date the will was written
  6. Page number on which it begins in the book
  7. In some cases, there were additional persons listed in the will that were not heirs, but they were related to the deceased. These names are included in the heirs list.


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~ A ~

Deceased: Edmond Angel
Spouse: Mary Angel
Heir(s): Jesse Allen Angel (son); Ollie Elizabeth Sutter (daughter); Margarett Jane England (daughter); Nicholas C. Angel (son)
Executor(s): E. S. Breeding
Witnesses: H. A. Bradley; E. T. Alexander
Date Written: 7/28/1888
Page: 258

~ B ~

Deceased: Dabney C. Baker
Spouse: Nancy Ann Baker
Heir(s): Kitty Jane Baker (daughter)
Executor(s): Nancy Ann Baker
Witnesses: G. Baker; Harrison Cope
Date Written: 8/1/1878
Page: 256

Deceased: Eleaner Baker
Heir(s): Kittie E. Baker; Ruben Baker (brother, decd)
Executor(s): Kittie E. Baker
Witnesses: J. R. Swafford; C. Lowrey
Date Written: 9/15/1882
Page: 206

Deceased: Elmore Brock
Spouse: Mary Brock
Heir(s): Charles Lee Brock (son)
Executor(s): Mary Brock (wife); W. L. Brock (son); J. B. Brock (son)
Witnesses: John Chilcut; Jas. W. Cope
Date Written: 10/8/1886
Page: 183

Deceased: George G. Broyles
Spouse: Margaret Broyles
Heir(s): George W. Broyles (son); Hannah Alty Johnson (daughter, decd)
Executor(s): George W. Broyles
Witnesses: T. B. Bils; E. Jarvis
Date Written: 1/23/1884
Page: 132

Deceased: Jno Summerfield Broyles
Spouse: Mary A. Broyles
Heir(s): Emma Jared (daughter); Bell Broyles (daughter); Mollie Broyles (daughter)
Witnesses: J. A. Cashdollar; J. G. Cashdollar
Date Written: 3/7/1891
Page: 338

Deceased: Mary Burns
Spouse: F. M. Burns
Executor(s): T. M. Burns
Witnesses: A. L. Potts; T. W. Potts
Date Written: 2/25/1890
Page: 331

~ C ~

Deceased: Sarah Jane Carr
Spouse: William Carr
Heir(s): Williw Carr; Mattie Carr; Mary Carr; Newton Carr; Columbus Carr; Nannie Willhite
Executor(s): Willie Carr
Witnesses: Sam Brown; C. Brown
Date Written: 12/9/1889
Page: 297

Deceased: Delila Cash
Heir(s): Nancy Jane Price (daughter); Susan Golden (daughter); Sarah Nash (daughter)
Witnesses: T. C. Shugart; Seth Linnville
Date Written: 10/19/1893
Page: 383

Deceased: George A. Christian
Heir(s): Catherine Christian (mother); Dudley H. Christian (brother); Sarah L. Wisdom
Witnesses: L. P. Cooper; C. C. Clouse
Date Written: 9/23/1884
Page: 91

Deceased: Pierce Cody
Spouse: Mary Cody
Heir(s): Florida Cody (daughter); Hetty Cody (daughter); Worth Cody (son)
Witnesses: J. M. Lana; E. B. Scott; Wm. Lane
Date Written: 3/15/1888
Page: 330

Deceased: Harrit B. Colms
Heir(s): Edwin A. Defrees (g-nephew, son of E. A. Defrees); John W. Story (son of W. F. and Hattie E. Story); Mable Story (daughter of W. F. and Hattie E. Story); Hattie E. Story (sister); Lizzie Pollard ("colored" girl raised by Harrit); W. F. Story; C. M. Frazuer (sister, Warsaw, IN)
Executor(s): J. T. Quarles
Witnesses: Mrs. Lizzie M. Williams
Date Written: 11/15/1886
Page: 192

Deceased: Johnson Cram
Spouse: Maria L. Cram
Witnesses: Sarah Jones; Pryer Jones
Date Written: 12/4/1883
Page: 288

Deceased: John Crook
Spouse: Sallie Crook
Heir(s): Belle Crook (granddaughter)
Executor(s): Calvin B. Crook; John S. Broyles
Witnesses: James E. Nowhir; Stephen W. Stewart; John F. Stewart
Date Written: 8/19/1885
Page: 312

Deceased: W. B. Cummings
Spouse: Mary Cummings
Heir(s): Eddie Gains (nephew)
Executor(s): M. A. Cummings
Witnesses: W. S. Findaly; W. L. Gracy
Date Written: 1/21/1886
Page: 126

~ D ~

Deceased: James Dalton
Heir(s): Lucy Dalton (daughter); Nancy Dalton (daughter); Martha Dalton (daughter); Sabra Dalton (daughter); Mary Danolds (daughter); Celia Farley (daughter); Isom Dalton (son);Julia Farley (daughter, deceased); Charles Dalton (son); Jefferson (grandson)
Executor(s): Lucy Dalton, G. P. Hampton
Witnesses: G. D. Hampton; G. P. Hampton
Date Written: 3/6/1878
Page: 207

Deceased: Elijah W. Denton
Spouse: Jane Denton
Heir(s): Willis Blalock (friend); Frank Martin (step-son); Nancy Jane Wright (daughter); Charles Denton,Jr. (grandson); Charles Denton,Sr, (son); Melvina Denton (granddaughter, daughter of John Denton); Forrest R. Denton (son); E. L. C. Denton (child); John H. Denton (son); Smith J. Denton (son); Tolbert F. Denton (son); Andrew J. Denton (son); Mary Johnson (daughter); Millie Underwood (daughter)
Executor(s): John H. Denton; Greenbury Johnson
Witnesses: R. Ramsey; James E. Nowlin
Date Written: 1/19/1886
Page: 235

Deceased: John S. Denton
Spouse: Matilda Denton
Heir(s): E. Denton (son);
Executor(s): E. Denton
Witnesses: M. F. O'Connor; G. F. O'Connor
Date Written: 10/27/1893
Page: 392

Deceased: C. Dillon
Heir(s): James Dillon (son)
Witnesses: J. I. Roscoe; Jas. P. Roscoe
Date Written: 8/18/1891
Page: 336

Deceased: Nancy Dyer
Heir(s): Arabella Dyer (sister); Mary Dyer (sister); Sarah Dyer (sister)
Executor(s): Arabella Dyer; Mary Dyer; Sarah Dyer
Witnesses: William Gooch; William Dyer
Date Written: 2/10/1883
Page: 224

~ E ~

Deceased: Henry Eler
Spouse: Mary Eler
Heir(s): Wamon Eler (son); George Eler (son)
Witnesses: James S. Lee; Truth E. Williams
Date Written: 12/14/1882
Page: 29

Deceased: Elijah England
Spouse: Jane England
Heir(s): Anda J. England (son); Louciter Chilcut (daughter); Rebecca Isbell Rhea (daughter)
Executor(s): Howard Farley; A. W. England
Witnesses: W. P. Howard; James Cumby
Date Written: 9/9/1882
Page: 62

Deceased: John D. Erwin
Spouse: Mary J. Erwin
Heir(s): Joseph Erwin (son); Permeta Isabell Erwin (daughter); M. L. Terry; W. L. Erwin (son)
Executor(s): W. J. Erwin; W. L. Erwin
Witnesses: William S. Kittrell; G. E. Baker
Date Written: 10/15/1881
Page: 220

~ F ~

Deceased: Mahala J. Fox
Heir(s): Richard N. Kirby (nephew); Labon Marshall (son of Richard N. Kirby)
Executor(s): Richard N. Kirby
Witnesses: H. H. Burns; Amanda Burns
Date Written: 6/24/1891
Page: 335

Deceased: George A. Fraley
Spouse: Mary Jane Fraley
Heir(s): Mary Fraley (daughter); Martha Fraley (daughter); Nancy Bussell (daughter); Elizabeth Herdon (daughter, deceased); Henry Fraley (son, deceased)
Witnesses: Jacob Seabolt; T. A. Had
Date Written: 1/1/1892
Page: 390

~ H ~

Deceased: Arrah Hamblin
Heir(s): Noah Burns (nephew)
Witnesses: J. C. Bartlett; D. M. Randolph
Date Written: 9/5/1875
Page: 54

Deceased: Sarah Harison
Spouse: Solomon Harison
Executor(s): M. F. O'Connor
Witnesses: Pinkney Rhineheart; A. J. Alverson
Date Written: 4/9/1879
Page: 105

Deceased: Avery Harris
Spouse: Mary H. Harris
Heir(s): Mary Jane (daughter); Rebecca Womack's Heirs (daughter); Lucy's heirs (daughter)
Executor(s): Wm H. Harris (son)
Date Written: 9/3/1882
Page: 46

Deceased: Jesse Everette Hickman
Heir(s): Milton W. Hickman (son); Roderic B. Hickman (son); Walter S. Hickman (son); Judith Ann Elder (daughter)
Executor(s): A. M. England; W. N. Cameron
Witnesses: H. Shugart; F. H. Richardson
Date Written: 12/13/1888
Page: 222

Deceased: James A. Hill
Spouse: Mary L. Hill
Executor(s): Mary L. Hill
Witnesses: A. A. Bradley; W. G. Smith; L. L. Lewis
Date Written: 7/12/1888
Page: 352

Deceased: Moses Hollinsworth
Heir(s): Jack Holllinsworth (son); Wm. Hollinsworth (son); Elizabeth Hollinsworth (daughter); Daniel Hollinsworth; Lucinda Kuhn; Catherine Kuhn; Susan Hodges (deceased)
Executor(s): Jacob Hollinsworth
Witnesses: Moses Sparkman; John Hollinsworth,Sr.
Date Written: 8/31/1886
Page: 257

Deceased: Thomas Hollinsworth
Spouse: Caroline Hollinsworth
Executor(s): J. C. Goddard
Witnesses: J. W. Camp; J. N. Sewell
Date Written: 1/8/1885
Page: 90

~ J ~

Deceased: Mary H. Johnson
Heir(s): Samuel Johnson (son); Jane Robinson (daughter); Winey Wilhite (daughter); Rebeca Sims (daughter); M. R. Johnson (son) Stanton Johnson (son); Mary E. Johnson (daughter)
Executor(s): M. R. Johnson
Witnesses: E. G. Sullivan; J. H. Clark
Date Written: 11/5/1883
Page: 68

~ L ~

Deceased: Lurana C. Leftwick
Heir(s): Mamie Sims (daughter); Willie Leftwick (son)
Executor(s): George G. Dibrell
Witnesses: Wamon Clark; Frank Dodson
Date Written: 11/11/1886
Page: 182

~ M ~

Deceased: John Martin
Heir(s): Ephraim Martin (grandson); Harbert R. Martin (grandson); Calvin Martin (grandson); Francis G. Martin (grandson)
Executor(s): F. M. Sims
Witnesses: John Crook; John F. Stewart; Stephen H. Stewart
Date Written: 8/3/1883
Page: 247

Deceased: L. L. McDowell
Executor(s): H. C. Cotton; Wife; E. S. Breeding
Witnesses: H. H. Burns; B. B. Cowens; F. A. Williams
Date Written: 1/6/1884
Page: 54

Deceased: Rebecca McGarr
Heir(s): Arrena Cope (daughter); Harrison Cope (husband of Arrena)
Executor(s): Harrison Cope
Witnesses: Jno S. Cope; Isaac Hix
Date Written: 4/2/1890
Page: 430

Deceased: Pearson S. Meado
Spouse: Amanda Meado
Heir(s): James S. Meado (son); Martha F. Perkins (daughter); Joseph B. Meado (son); Matilda E. Meado (daughter); Ida S. Meado (daughter); Susan A. Meado (daughter); Pearson S. Meado (son); Horace E. Meado (son)
Executor(s): W. G. Morrison
Witnesses: S. H. Thurman; J. P. Jaloway; J. A. Bennett
Date Written: 6/14/1886
Page: 354

Deceased: William Mills
Heir(s): Lucinda Marra (sister); Sarah Sliger (sister); Narcis Cloid (sister); Rachel Mills (mother); Emory Mills (brother); Carolina Mills (sister); Casey Mills (sister)
Executor(s): Emory Mills; W. P. Howard
Witnesses: J. T. Howard; J. E. Hitchcock
Date Written: 4/25/1892
Page: 358

Deceased: James Moore
Spouse: Mary Moore
Heir(s): Nancy Polland (daughter); Sarah Willson (daughter); W. H. Moore (son); J. A. P. Moore (son); R. P. Moore (son); S. S. Moore's heirs; Thomas Moore's heirs; A. P. Moore's heirs; Rebecca Humphrey's heirs; John Moore's heirs; Susan D. Clark
Executor(s): J. G. Womack
Witnesses: A. J. Robbins,Jr; J. P. Cruse
Date Written: 1/28/1890
Page: 328

Deceased: Mary Moore
Heir(s): William M. Moore (son); Miranda J. Hillis (daughter); Minerva H. Webb (daughter); Permelia A. Crain (daughter); John I. Moore (son)
Executor(s): I. I. Willis; John I. Moore
Witnesses: W. H. Simpson; W. B. Cummings
Date Written: 8/11/1886
Page: 296

~ N ~

Deceased: Enoch Netherton
Spouse: Elizabeth Ann Netherton
Executor(s): W. C. Miller; E. S. Breeding
Witnesses: E. G. Sullivan; J. W. Cooper
Date Written: 12/5/1888
Page: 221

~ O ~

Deceased: Alexander Officer
Spouse: Rebecca Officer
Heir(s): David Officer (son); Mary Bradley (daughter); Ann Burton (daughter); Amanda Nunley (daughter)
Executor(s): Rebecca M. Officer
Witnesses: A. L. Snodgrass; A. Fisk
Date Written: 10/14/1881
Page: 11

~ P ~

Deceased: John Parker
Heir(s): William Parker (son); Jackson Parker (son); Crockett Parker (son); Andy Parker (son)
Executor(s): Jackson Parker; William Parker
Witnesses: J. T. Johnson; W. R. Mitchell
Date Written: 11/3/1884
Page: 280

Deceased: Emory Pennington
Spouse: Julia Ann Pennington
Heir(s): F. W. Pennington (son)
Executor(s): T. W. Pennington
Witnesses: James W. Brown; Benjamin Clouse; J. A. Brown
Date Written: 10/26/1882
Page: 324

Deceased: Joseph Pettit
Heir(s): Thomas J. Pettit (brother); Robert H. Pettit (brother); Joseph Pettit (son of Robert H. Pettit)
Executor(s): Thomas J. Pettit
Witnesses: M. F. Harmon; F. M. Franks
Date Written: 1/5/1880
Page: 384

~ Q ~

Deceased: J. T. Quarles
Spouse: Ella Quarles
Executor(s): Ella Quarles
Witnesses: J. H. Snodgrass; D. R. Gist
Date Written: 2/4/1892
Page: 353

~ R ~

Deceased: John S. Rhea
Spouse: A. J. Rhea
Executor(s): A. J. Rhea (wife); A. E. Rhea (son); A. M. England (brother-in-law)
Witnesses: B. Marchbanks
Date Written: 2/10/1882
Page: 1

Deceased: Rebeca I. Rhea
Spouse: John B. Rhea
Heir(s): Elijah England (father); Jane England (mother)
Executor(s): John B. Rhea
Witnesses: M. F. Dew; W. H. Hitchcock
Date Written: 4/27/1885
Page: 111

Deceased: Andrew Robbinson
Heir(s): Sallie (sister); Jacob Robbinson (nephew); Jane Robbinson (wife of Jacob); Amanda Shugart (niece); Thomas Shugart (husband of Amanda)
Witnesses: Jno. Hill; W. P. Lu; A. R. Bullock; H. H. Lansden
Date Written: 3/30/1889
Page: 300

Deceased: Archibald Robinson
Heir(s): Washington Robinson (son); George Robinson (son)
Witnesses: T. C. Shugart; Henry Whitaker
Date Written: 12/4/1893
Page: 429

Deceased: Lourana Rogers
Spouse: William E. Rogers
Heir(s): Rutherford Cleveland Rogers (son); Ann Gracy (mother, deceased); Crockett D. Gracey (brother)
Executor(s): William E. Rogers
Witnesses: W. J. Farris; Saphrona White; Margaret Clark
Date Written: 5/29/1889
Page: 281

Deceased: Zachariah Rose
Heir(s): Florence Rose (granddaughter, daughter of Thos. J. Rose); Thos J. Rose (decd); Willie Rose (son of Thos. J. Rose); E. J. McNabb (alias Duckworth, daughter); Martha McNabb (granddaughter, daughter of E. J. McNabb Duckworth); Jacob McNabb (grandson, son of E. J. McNabb Duckworth); William McNabb (grandson, son of E. J. McNabb Duckworth);James McNabb (grandson, son of E. J. McNabb Duckworth); Mary J. Duckworth (alias Burns, granddaughter, daughter of E. J. McNabb Duckworth); Sallie Duckworth (granddaughter, daughter of E. J. McNabb Duckworth); Wm. Rose (son); S. C. Gilliam (daughter); M. M. Powers (daughter); Virgil Rose (son); Willey Rose (grandson, son of P. L. Rose); Jno. B. Rose (son); S. H. Duckworth (daughter); Mathew McNabb (grandson, son of E. J. McNabb Duckworth); Zachariah McNabb (grandson, son of E. J. McNabb Duckworth)
Executor(s): W. F. Rose (son); E. Jarvis
Witnesses: D. C. Snodgrass; Noah Beam
Date Written: 5/9/1885
Page: 136

Deceased: Visa Rotan
Heir(s): Emma Bright; Charley Burden/Cook (nephew)
Witnesses: W. H. Lisk; Joseph W. Wade
Date Written: 6/25/1892
Page: 364

Deceased: Nehemiah B. Rutherford
Heir(s): James W. Orr (nephew); Adeline (colored woman living with him)
Witnesses: F. M. Sims; J. M. Hix
Date Written: 8/15/1883
Page: 299

~ S ~

Deceased: E. Parker Sims
Spouse: Fannie Sims
Heir(s): James P. Sims (son); William Gillmore Sims (son)
Executor(s): Fannie Sims; J. P. Sims
Witnesses: W. C. Lefever; J. H. Anderson
Date Written: 7/4/1891
Page: 326

Deceased: Rachel R. Sims
Spouse: O. H. P. Sims
Witnesses: N. W. Sims; H. H. Davidson
Date Written: 8/5/1885
Page: 113

Deceased: C. P. E. Smith
Heir(s): Hugh Gross (son); Thomas M. Gross (son); Eliza Carnes (daughter); Joseph Carnes (husband of Eliza); David W. Dinges (son)
Witnesses: W. J. Farris; E. Jarvis
Date Written: 5/2/1879
Page: 332

Deceased: W. P. Smith
Spouse: Cintha C. Smith
Heir(s): R. E. Lee Smith (son)
Executor(s): R. E. Lee Smith; Cintha C. Smith
Witnesses: H. P. Smith; T. J. R. Swafford
Date Written: 6/8/1884
Page: 138

Deceased: Sam M. Snodgrass
Heir(s): David J. Snodgrass (nephew); H. C. Snodgrass (brother); Notie L. Helen Snodgrass (daughter of H. C. Snodgrass); Linnie Snodgrass (daughter of H. C. Snodgrass); Florence Snodgrass (daughter of H. C. Snodgrass); Kate Snodgrass (daughter of H. C. Snodgrass)
Executor(s): D. J. Snodgrass
Witnesses: L. D. Smith; W. G. Smith; S. C. Maddux
Date Written: 3/27/1893
Page: 380

Deceased: Daniel Southerland
Heir(s): R. L. Southerland (son); Les Brogden (grandson)
Witnesses: C. T. Hasten; B. G. Cole
Date Written: 8/8/1883
Page: 50

Deceased: Charles R. Sperry
Spouse: Henryetta Sperry
Heir(s): Sally Ann Gibbons (daughter); Thomas L. Sperry (son); I. H. Sperry (son); Elizabeth Broyles (daughter); Nancy Rudd (daughter); Mahala Caroline Sperry (daughter); Jno W. Sperry (son); Inda Sperry (daughter of Jno. W. Sperry)
Executor(s): Thomas L. Sperry; I. H. Sperry
Witnesses: W. H. D. La Vergne; Thomas Snodgrass
Date Written: 1/20/1875
Page: 279

Deceased: James H. Sullivan
Spouse: Mary Ann Sullivan
Heir(s): J. L. Sullivan (son); H. A. Sullivan (son); M. V. Sullivan (daughter); E. L. Sullivan (daughter); V. A. Sullivan (daughter)
Witnesses: E. G. Sullivan; G. Baker
Date Written: 10/18/1886
Page: 184

~ T ~

Deceased: John Trippett
Heir(s): James M. Allutte; Mahulda Stanley; Emily Dagly; Vicey Triplet (sister)
Witnesses: J. C. Knowles; G. W. Jernigan
Date Written: 7/10/1885
Page: 133

~ W ~

Deceased: Catherine Walker
Heir(s): Mary Samantha Catherine England (granddaughter)
Executor(s): Mary Samantha Catherine England
Witnesses: H. C. Snodgrass
Date Written: 9/8/1891
Page: 379

Deceased: Parez W. West
Spouse: Alles West
Heir(s): Nuton West (son); Granville S. West (son); J. Lowry West (son); July S. West (daughter); Reony West (daughter)
Executor(s): Granville West; Lowry West; Nuton West
Witnesses: R. P. Officer; Richard Hill
Date Written: 7/24/1885
Page: 223

Deceased: J. D. White
Spouse: Mahulda White
Heir(s): Vesta Douglass (daughter); Mollie Francis (daughter); Sallie (daughter); Evey (daughter)
Witnesses: A. Hutchings; K. J. Hutchings; D. L. Hutchings
Date Written: 7/4/1892
Page: 382

Deceased: Simon D. White
Spouse: Evaline White
Heir(s): John B. White (son);James Bandy (son-in-law); Mary A. (daughter)
Witnesses: James A. Beam; Noah Beam
Date Written: 4/17/1888
Page: 239

Deceased: James Winn
Spouse: Mary Winn
Heir(s): Mary Adcock (daughter); Perry Adcock (son-in-law)
Executor(s): P. A. Henesse; F. G. White
Witnesses: John W. Cope; D. L. Henesee
Date Written: 7/12/1882
Page: 63

~ Y ~

Deceased: William Young
Heir(s): Henry Young (son); Nancy Young (daughter); Martin Young (son); Joseph Young (son); James Young (son)
Executor(s): Ben Humphrey
Witnesses: J. K. Womack; James Young
Date Written: 2/21/1890
Page: 329