p> Source: Jackson County Chancery/Circuit Loose Records
Roll: #87
Available: Tennessee State Library & Archives and Tennessee Technological University Library

To the Honorable B. L. Ridley Chancellor of the 4th Chancery Division of the State of Tennessee presiding at Gainsboro.

Your orator William Gipson a citizen of Jackson County Tennessee would respectfully represent to your honor that George McGipson also a citizen of the same county and state died intestate some time in the year 1841 leaving a widow Patience McGipson and nine lawful heirs to wit: Randel McGipson Levi McGipson Tobias McGipson (sons) Paulina McGipson Hetty McGipson Patience Brewington the wife of Thomas Brewington Polly Woolbright the wife of Joseph Woolbright citizens of Jackson County and State of Tennessee Nancy Brewington the wife of John Brewington who are citizens of White County Tennessee and Margarett Butternick the wife of Amos Butternick who have left the state and now reside in parts unknown to your orator shortly after the death of said intestate George McGipson your orator was appointed administrator of his his estate and took upon himself the burden of said administration your orator would show your honor that the real estate of which said intestate died seized and possessed consisted of one tract of land containing 20 acres the title and to which is lost and two other tracts containing 50 acres each the title decrees to which of necessary will be exhibited with this Bill the same tracts of land all lie in Jackson County on Blackburn's fork off Roaring River your orator would further represent to your honor that all the personal assets of said intestate have been exhausted in the payment of lawful claims against said intestate and that then are yet outstanding and unpaid against said intestate lawful claims to the amount of about $100 consisting of notes and other evidences of debt your orator knows no means of satisfying the lawful claims against said intestate except as herein after mentioned your orator would show to your honor that the three tracts of land above mentioned of which said intestate died seized are subject to the dower of his widow Patience McGipson and also that said tracts of land are all of an inferior quality and if sold with the encumberances of the widow's dower would not more than satisfy the claim yet outstanding against said intestate your orator therefore prays that your honor deems a sale of said tracts for the benefit of creditors having lawful claims against said intestate according to the statute in such cases made and provided and that the same be sold with the encumbrance of the widow's dower in such a manner and on such terms as to your honor may appear most conducive to the interest of the heirs creditors of said intestate your orator prays that the heirs aforesaid of said intestate to wit: Randal McGipson Levi McGipson Tobias McGipson Paulina MGipson Hetty McGipson Patience Brewington and Thomas her husband Polly Woolbright and Joseph her husband Nancy Brewington and John her husband Margaret Butternick and Amos her husband be made defendents to this Bill and that copies be issue as to all except the said Margaret Butternick and Amos her husband who are non-residents and that publication as to them be made requiring them to appear and answer and grant a such general relief as your orators can my require and as duty bound be.

Hall S. Washburn sol
for complainant

State of Tennessee
Jackson County }

This 27 day of January 1846 personally appeared before me G. M. McWhorter C. N. Wm. Gipson the within petitioner made oath indue forma that themater and things stated in the forgoing bill and true to the bill of his knowledge and subscribed the same in my presence and will take the whole of the land to pay the debts of the Estate as he sworn to in open court.

G. M. McWhorter

Land Grant 3943
July 1, 1824
50 Acres

(The following Summons were issued.)
John Brewington and Nancy
Hetty McGipson
Tobias McGipson
Patience McGipson
Levi McGipson
Randall McGipson
Thomas Brewington & wife
Joseph Woolbright & wife

Wm Gipson
Randall McGipson et. Al.

In this case the master reports to the court that often giving notice so required by intercounty durn? Herein pronounced at last term be on the 6th day April 1846 expressed all the ? in the pleadings mentioned to sale to the highest bidder on 12 months ? and the same one ? (subject to widow’s dower) by Tobias McGipson at the price of $73 he being the highest and best bidder for which the Master took said McGipson’s not with Uriah Cracker and Levi McGipson security which security is good and a lien was also returned upon the land for the purchase money.

G. M. McWhirter
C & M