Source: Jackson County Chancery/Circuit Loose Records
Roll: #52
Available: Tennessee State Library & Archives and Tennessee Technological University Library

Submitter Notes: This court case is 22 pages long. The following transcription is of 5 of those 23 pages. These pages establishes Thomas Brown's death date as Oct 1862 and lists all of his heirs at that time. Please note that the list of heirs are placed on a different line for readibility.


To the chancellor of the seventh division of the State of Tennessee presiding at Gainesboro Tennessee.

The Bill of complaint of

Jamison Brown
Dudley Brown
John Brown
Henderson Brown
Jubilee Wheeler & wife Lucinda Wheeler
Charles Hopkins & his wife Elizabeth C Hopkins
Thomas Billingsly
Charles Jackson & wife Nancy Jackson
Edward Jackson & wife Feriby Jackson
Silas Jackson & wife Susan Jackson Citizens of Jackson County


Elizabeth Brown
Lockey Haile and her husband Amon Haile
Elizabeth J. Billingsly
John B. Billingsly
William P Billingsly
Almira Billingsly
James B Billingsly
Feriby Billingsly
Sarah A Billingsly. The last seven named minors and have no regular
guardian and are residents of Jackson County, Tenn.
Rupel McCormack
Patsey Spurlock and her husband _____ Spurlock
Nancy Janins and her husband _____ Janins
Polly D Harmon and her husband _____ Harmon
Thomas B McCormack
Pleasant McCormack
Almira McCormack and John W McCormack citizens of the
State of Missouri.
James M. Brown
Nancy J Brown
Rebecca Brown
David M Brown citizens of the state of Illinois -
Sally Billingsly widow of Walter Billingsly decd and his children
John Billingsly
William Billingsly &
Mary E. Billingsly last three minors and have no regular guardian
residents of Jackson County Tennessee. James Billingsly of the same
residence - Lucinda Jones and her husband James Jones who are
residents of Illinois or Kentucky as your orators believe.
Reems Flatt &
Fagan Flatt of (unreadable) guardian of the State of Kentucky.

Your orators would state that Thomas Brown died intestate in Jackson County in October 1862. Your orator Jamison Brown is his administrator. Your orators Jamison Brown Dudley Brown Henderson Brown John Brown Lucinda Wheeler and Locky Haile deft are the only surviving children of said Thomas Brown - Deft Elizabeth Brown is his widow - defendants Rupel McCormack Patsey Spurlock Nancy Janins Polly Harmon John W McCormack Thomas B McCormack and Pleasant McCormack are grandchildren of said Thomas Brown and only children of his deceased daughter Mercilia McCormack.

James M Brown Nancy J Brown Rebecca N Brown and David M Brown are also his grandchildren and only children of his deceased son Milton Brown - Reems Flatt and Fagan Flatt are great grandchildren of said Thomas Brown and children of Lucinda Flatt a deceased granddaughter of his and daughter his deceased daughter Mercilia McCormack.

Elizabeth C. Hopkins Thomas Billingsly Lucinda Jones Nancy Jackson Feriby Jackson Susan Jackson and James Billingsly are grandchildren of sd Thos Brown and children of his deceased daughter Feriby Billingsly - Sally Billings is the widow and John Billingsly William Billingsly and Mary E Billingsly are the children of Walter Billingsly who was a grand son of sd Thomas Brown and son of his deceased daughter Feriby Billingsly deft Elizabeth J Billingsly John B Billingsly William P Billingsly James B Billingsly Almira M Billingsly Feriby Billingsly and Sarah A Billingsly are great grandchildren of sd Thomas Brown and children of his deceased grandson William Billingsly who was a son of his deceased daughter Feriby Billingsly.

Said Thomas Brown died seized and possessed of a tract (or perhaps several tract) of land in Jackson County having a fee simple title thereto in Dist No 11 on Flynn's Creek containing about two hundred and twenty six acres his title deeds to which if required will be filed on the hearings sd land is bounded by the lands of Dudley Brown and James Vinson on south. On the west by the lands of T Byrne and James Burgess. On the north the lands of W H Fox and Pinkney McCarver. On the east by the land of Jamison Brown - His widow Elizabeth Brown has had her dower in said land -the same is not susceptible of partition among those entitled, it is not necessary to sell said land to pay debts the personal assetts of deceased begins sufficient for that purpose

It is manipirthy(?) the interest of all the parties entitled that said land be sold for distribution the interest of the money it would sell for would be worth more to them than the rents of the land.

The primises considered your orators pray that those named as such be made defendant to this bill that copy and proper process be issued that publication be made as to non-residents -that guardians ad litum be appointed for minors and upon the final hearing our orators pray that by decree of your honor said lands be sold upon such terms as will be most conducive to the interest of all those entitled and for all such others and further relief as the care of your orators may require and they will sou(?) pray.

Denton Washburn

State of Tennessee
Jackson County} Came before me one of the complainants who made oath in due form of law that the facts stated in the above and forgoing Bill are true to the best of his knowledge infirm and belief and subscribed his affidavit before me this 6th day of Nov 1865

Jemerson Brown
Subscribed and sworn to before me
The date above
L S Clements C&M