Source: Jackson County, TN
Microfilm: Roll #43
Chancery/Circuit Loose Records
Index 1839-1915

This roll of film contains the index to all of the court cases available on Rolls #43 - #130. The microfilm is available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, TN and the Tennessee Technological University Library in Cookeville, TN.

The court cases listed below can be found on Rolls #43 through #70. A list of all Rolls can be found at the Tennessee State Library & Archives Website.

Abstracts from each of these court cases may be found at the Jackson County, TNGenWeb Website.

Date - Name of Record

1881 - Bartlet, Evans Grdn of Bartlet, Joshua [Joshua Bartlet]
1902 - Brown, Z. T. Grdn of Brown, Eva [Eva Brown]
1907 - Bryant, Frank Grdn of Ward, A. A. [A. A. Ward]
1894 - Burris, Mary Admr of Burris, Samuel [Samuel Burris]
1882 - Butler, B. A. Admr of James, Jones [James Jones]
1850 - Butler, John vs Butler, Susan [Welcome Butler]
1912 - Bybee, Mealy Exerx Bybee, N. C. [N. C . Bybee]
1902 - Cale, John Admr of Shores, John [Jno Shores]
1907 - Chapman, G. W. Grdn of Stafford, Selvaneous
1875 - Chawning, W. H. Admr of Pleasant, Riley [Pleasant Riley]
1867 - Cooper, B. J. Admr vs Marsh, West [West Marsh]
1912 - Cornwell, W. H. Grdn of Cornwell, Maggie
1876 - Davidson, William Admr of Davidson, S. N.
1876 - Davis, W. P. Admr of Kent, Martha [Martha Kent]
1894 - Dixon, M. J. Admr of Butler, W. B. [W. B. Butler]
1914 - Dixon, W. L. Grdn of Burgess, Clarence & Hallie
1894 - Draper, John Admr of Huffines, R. B. [R. B. Huffines]
1888 - Draper, Sallie Admrx of Ray, P. M. [P. M. Ray]
1913 - Duke, J. C. Grdn of Duke, Zonie
1896 - Dycus, Alexander Grdn of Dycus, Beverly
ND - Flatt, B. A. vs Flatt, I. C. [Marion Flatt Heirs]
1906 - Forkum, Casandra widow of Forkum, Joel
1907 - Gailbreath, W. M. Admr of Fink, D. F.
1901 - Gentry, Bettie widow of Gentry, T. M.
1887 - Gore, M. L. Exer of Gore, E. J. [E. J. Gore]
1913 - Graves, Geo. B. Admr of Graves, Mrs. E. E. [Mrs. E. E. Graves]
1875 - Haile, Joshua Admr of Haile, Thos [Thos Haile]
1914 - Hawkins, James W. Admr of Hawkins, Jas H. [Jas H. Hawkins]
1884 - Hix, H. H. Grdn of Crabtree, Ida O. [Rease Crabtree]
1910 - Hix, W. R. Admr Hix, Nathan [Nathan Hix]
1882 - Holland, Aletha widow of Holland, R. H. [R. H. Holland]
1872 - Hudson, Sallie A. vs Hudson, Robt Admr [Wm Hudson]
1875 - Hughes, Jno vs Eller & Cross, [Wm Eller]
1874 - Jackson, E. G. Admr of Fox, Richard [Richard Fox]
1910 - Jackson, Sarah vs Polston, Charlottie
1885 - Jenkins, Geo Estate, [Geo Jenkins]
1885 - Jenkins, W. B. Grdn of Jenkins, Wm [Jessie Jenkins]
1880 - Johnson, D. C. Admr of Gaw, Wiley [Wiley Gaw]
1879 - Johnson, J. M. Admr of Pharris, Louis [Louis Pharris]
1886 - Johnson, Samuel Exer of Stafford, Uriah [Uriah Stafford]
1879 - Loftis, Labin Grdns of Johnson, Henry [Henry Johnson]
1894 - Loftis, Nancy J. (Dodson) Grdn of Loftis, R. C. [R. C. Loftis]
1896 - Loftis, William Admr of Loftis, H. H. [H. H. Loftis]
1900 - Mabery, J. M. Grdn of Mabery, Matilda
1883 - Maddux, G. R. Admr of Maddux, Lucinda [Lucinda Maddux]
1879 - Mansel, R. E. Admr of Mansel, Elizabeth [Elizabeth Mansel]
1914 - Maxwell, R. M. Admr of Johnson, Martha [Martha Johnson]
1905 - Maxwell, R. W. Grdn of Darwin, Charley
1914 - Maxwell, R. M. &, Dennis, Martha Grdn of Christian, Heirs
1873 - Morgan, A. H. Admr of Hawkins, Waymon [Waymon Hawkins]
1893 - Myres, T. P. Admr of Hall, Mary [Mary Hawkins]
1902 - Netherton, M. J. Admr of Adcock, Isaac [Isaac Adcock]
1901 - Overton, Wm A. Admr of Overton, Amanda
1901 - Overton, Wm A. Admr of Whitaker, J. P.
1912 - Pippen, J. H. Exer of Pippen, Jno I. [Jno I. Pippen]
1877 - Pippen, Labin Admr of Pippen, Redmond [Redmond Pippen]
1901 - Reed, A. J. Admr of Terry, A. C. [A. C. Terry]
1912 - Reynolds, A. W. Exer of Wheeler, A. C. [A. C. Wheeler]
1909 - Richardson, M. A. Admr of Richardson, Jerry
1888 - Rogers, W. W. Admr of Hall, Tandy F. [Tandy F. Hall]
1902 - Shepherd, D. J. Exer of Terry, Roland [Rolland Terry]
1872 - Shoulders, Thos J. Admr of Clark, Syrus [Syrus Clark]
1912 - Sircy, W. H. Admr of Sircy, M. G. [M. G. Sircy]
1914 - Smith, E. O. Admr of Smith, G. O. [G. O. Smith]
1902 - Smith, L. F. Admr of Smith, G. W. [G. W. Smith]
1895 - Smith, S. A. Admr of Smith, Geo W. [Geo W. Smith]
1875 - Smith, W. E. Admr of Dennis, Anna [Anna Dennis]
1889 - Tinsley, M. J. vs Williams, S. D.
1914 - Tinsley, W. K. Admr of Tinsley, Margaret [Margaret Tinsley]
1900 - Vantrease, A. M. Grdn of Vantrease, Lillie [Lillie Tinsley]
1915 - Vittitoe, J. T. Admr of Vititoe, W. P. [W. P. Vittitoe]
1884 - Wade, Charles D. Heirs of McClellan, Louisana
1898 - Webb, G. W. Admr of McCaul, J. G. [J. G. McCaul]
ND - Wheeler, Mary Admr of Carter, J. T.
1911 - Whitfield, A. J. Grdn of Whitfield, Willis
1881 - Williams, A. K. Admr of McDonald, M. M.
1882 - Williamson, C.A. Admr of Hargis, Jas. P. [Jas P. Hargis]
1887 - Williamson, J. M. Admr of Pharris, Susan